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Don’t Wait Too Long Before You Start Living Your True Self – Insights to begin Right Now

  I have written many times about conditioning on this blog. It’s your programming of your mind that keeps you in a loop. And the loop is – You keep creating repeatedly what you actually want to avoid! Sounds familiar? If yes, then go ahead. In your early life, the experiences , environment and people […]

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Whiteboard Drawings

Every Stroke Of Yours Matters. Never underestimate what you are creating.

Why are we afraid of taking inadequate or ill-defined or not-very–polished steps? In reality, we learn by taking steps and making mistakes before we can create anything productive or beautiful. Just think about your childhood drawings. Did you ever know what you were creating before you started putting lines on a canvas? It was just […]

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Quote Simplicity Leonardo

Simplify Your Life!

Currently I am on a drive to simplify my life. It does not mean I am getting rid of all pleasures and scientific advances of our times. No way. That would be Isolation, not Simplification. I have always been committed to grow this blog’s content and its readership, yet things are not flowing easily in […]

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