A time of uncertainty and Faith

Today I want to write about acting in time of uncertainty.

I am now getting the perspective that the time of uncertainty is the time of transition in life. I can tell this because I can recall many such incidences in past when things were uncertain and so tough to handle with; It usually, at the end turned out to help me learn and grow. When I hold on to this perspective I feel better about the times in life when I do not know what is going to unfold in coming days or weeks.

A scary time

This is the time in life when we feel scared about what can happen. We do not feel motivated to take action in any direction. We get trapped . We feel lack of resources inside us.

Transition phase

We have the option here to change our perspective and start looking at this time as a transition phase. We need to feel open to new and never-seen-before options. We also need to develop faith in the energy source of all existence and trust that it shall help us. We need to set intentions. We need to have and affirm the belief(or assumption) that every thing that happens has a positive intention behind it. This may seem difficult, yet this is the starting point in our passage from what we are to what we can become when this period of uncertainty ends.


After holding on to this state of mind, I generally start to feel motivated. I feel that I can now take action. I just let my mind to decide for the action that feels best. Here, I am letting the rational or conditioned and analytical decision to drop off. I let my mind to decide about the actions to be taken based on my genuine intuitions.

I do not think about how that will happen. I do not chart out or look for the steps to perform. I just feel comfortable with the idea o taking that action and the outcome that it can create.

I take baby steps. I learn to remained tuned to the positive feelings of trust and faith.

Pushing hard may not support us!

We have a tendency to push ourselves hard in the time of uncertainty. I think that may not work in our favor. It may help us temporarily by feeling in control. However, It does not help us thrive or grow. We miss here an opportunity to grow that the life is offering us in this time of unsurity.

Faith can move a mountain!

If we develop flexibility and openness and also develop faith, we enter into the next higher and more resourceful state of our mind. Unlike a belief, faith does not need any past experience to support its usefulness. This can be one of the reasons why people can not easily enter into this ‘faith state of affairs’.

I can here suggest you to look at the time when you first came into this world. You came to exist as you are right now from a starting point of a single membrane bound protoplasm. We did not have any control by ourselves on what had happened to us during that time. It just happened and somebody managed that. Something higher energy source made that happen. We just surrendered to that divine source. When we look at things with perspective, we start entering in the state of mind where faith takes over.

Looking at our intra-uterine life, that is more complex than any existing human made system on the earth right now, suggests that miracles can happen to us without our control.

Getting in connection with this higher source by building faith and letting go the need to push hard make us receptive to our intuitions. I believe that these are the signals from the higher source. I prefer to take actions on them in time of uncertainty. Even just taking a couple of baby steps puts me in better state of my mind. I suddenly start looking at the other side of my situation. The event that created uncertainty and crisis in my life, suddenly becomes the stepping stone in the path of my growth. I also feel that this event was necessary for me to wake up from my habitual and reactive way of living and to proactively moving ahead on my path with a sense of meaning and purpose.


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