Affirmations- easy to use and effective in outcome!

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I think most of you know what affirmations are. I looked inside Wikipedia and found this:

“Affirmation is a declaration that something is true.”

(as on the date of this post’s publication. Link)

I have found using affirmations very effective for me. I find that repeating certain words or phrases inside our mind helps us shifting our mental state.

If we are feeling low or hopeless or frustrated, repeating these chants of affirmations can lift us out of this prison of unhealthy emotional state.

As the definition above states, when we declare something with a sense that it is true, it starts shaping our reality as per its content.

For some people I know, this sounds very simple and so not much effective. But, let me tell you that this is one of the most profound way of accessing our resourceful state.

Many times we use some phrase inside our head that are not empowering and also repeat them without our conscious awareness for major part of our day. This can shape our day as per its content! We then wonder why things are not working and why I am stuck with my negative emotional state!

Affirmations with empowering content can dramatically lift a person out of the trap of unhealthy thinking and feeling patterns.

I remember my early days when I first started using affirmations consciously. Those were the phrases or sentences that I used as a part of Cognitive Behavior Therapy for my anxiety problems. Those phrases helped me calm down and feel safe. I could notice that using affirmations was one of the most effective ways of handling panic and anxiety. Although it was difficult to get handle on using them, continuing with the strategy helped me a lot.

Those affirmations which I used for anxiety were in my opinion helping me getting back to a neutral state of mind from an over-alert, worried and unsecured self of mine.

However, now I know that affirmations not only make us feel protected, but also help us thrive. I have noticed their effects not only with me but also seen them helping my clients overcome their issues related to self-esteem and empowerment.

I currently find using affirmations even for meditation and connecting with higher self. They help me align myself with my true-self. My creativity increases, fear and apprehension disappears and I become more productive.

I have found that there are certain characteristics of these phrases or sentences that can increase its power.

  • I keep them very short. There is no explanation; only declaration (You can see them in the video attached to this post)
  • I feel them as I speak inside my head
  • I practice taking deep breaths as I repeat these phrases
  • I do not try to concentrate on them. Instead, just scan through them and let them sink inside our unconscious automatically
  • I do not consciously search for its effects, as it distracts my attention from the actual process of being with affirmations. The results generally pops up into my conscious awareness by itself
  • In my opinion, this is the process of transcending our conditioned self and connecting with our spiritual selves; the realm where everything happens when asked!
  • For me, using affirmations with a broader content has helped more than becoming too specific! (some may disagree with this, it is OK for me!)

This short video has really helped me and my clients . I hope that watching it shall lift the spirit of the viewers and help them become more resourceful. The background pictures of this video are made by my son. The music in the background is taken from Free Music: (this music has surely added the feel to this video).

Your suggestions and feedbacks are awaited!

4 Responses to Affirmations- easy to use and effective in outcome!

  1. Falguni Pattel August 23, 2009 at 11:50 pm #

    It is absolutely inspiring article. I have been using the technique of affirmation since few days & its very effective. BUt yes , initially a conscious effort needs to be made for a person to keep giving him/herself positive reinforcement.. The video is heartwarming & your son’s drawings are very imaginative.. Keep writing Sudeep, good work n help us less enlightened souls towards the path of peace & enlightment:)

  2. sudeepshroff August 24, 2009 at 1:04 pm #


    I can clearly see from your comments for my various posts that you are already on the path of Resourceful Living. I apreciate your insights and expressions. I will be glad if my work helps make your journey more enjoyable.


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