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Being Conscious in Nurturing Relationships

Nurture Relationships

A 56 years old male had come to me a couple of weeks ago. A tall man with a long beard, a heavy body and a big face. Really intimidating at a first visit.

He told me that he was not able to sleep well at night, and would get intense dreams disturbing him. He was feeling agitated most of the day, and could not concentrate at all at his work.

Sometimes he would feel a kind of heaviness on his chest, and also had episodes of feeling short of his breaths.

I was listening to his complaints patiently and was interested to know more. I empathized with his feelings and said that I could understand his discomfort and pain.

Suddenly he started crying  profusely.  A big-sized man was crying like a child in front of me. The emotional pain was truly unbearable; that was very clear to me.

Tears were running down his cheeks, he was sobbing uncontrollably, and then in a need to feel more comfort he then hugged his wife who was sitting besides him. Still he could not stop his crying or may be he was feeling better while crying, and so he just let tears flow. Continue Reading →

A Conversation That Can Awaken You To Your True Self

Dad Who Am I

A curious boy once asked his dad,

“Dad, who am I?

The dad little perplexed and puzzled by his son’s sudden question of this nature replied gently,

“You are my son!”

The son was little uneasy and asked again,

“No, no. Who am I dad, actually?

This time the dad replied immediately,

“You are who you look like dear. You are my handsome son!”

The son then said,

“You mean to say that I am what I look like. I am my this body! Really?” Continue Reading →

Don’t Wait Too Long Before You Start Living Your True Self – Insights to begin Right Now

I have written many times about conditioning on this blog. It’s your programming of your mind that keeps you in a loop. And the loop is – You keep creating repeatedly what you actually want to avoid! Sounds familiar?

If yes, then go ahead.

In your early life, the experiences , environment and people around you contribute in creating the patterns within you which continue to play their roles in the later years of your life. This is Conditioning.

You are conditioned to repeat some patterns and live in the habitual ways manifesting similar things in life.

Even when you are living life with these patterns, something inside you truly knows that you can do beyond these patterns. If this resonates with you, then you are already awakened to take your life away from your programmed way of living.

This awareness that you are trapped in old patterns but still are capable of something beyond them is necessary before you start living your True Self.

How do you live your true self and go beyond your habitual patterns? Continue Reading →

You Cannot Erase Your Past, but You Can Surely Raise Your Awareness About It.

You Cannot Erase Your Past.- canva

Some people have asked me to help them get rid of their painful past. They are looking for some tools that can delete what has happened with them in past.

It’s because they cannot handle the pain which those memories bring to them in the present moment.

But what they are looking for cannot be done!

You cannot delete your memories unless your brain gets structurally damaged in those specific areas where your memories are stored. Otherwise the only option that you are left with is to change the way you deal with those memories in the present moment.

In reality, Continue Reading →

Every Stroke Of Yours Matters. Never underestimate what you are creating.

Why are we afraid of taking inadequate or ill-defined or not-very–polished steps?

In reality, we learn by taking steps and making mistakes before we can create anything productive or beautiful. Just think about your childhood drawings.

Did you ever know what you were creating before you started putting lines on a canvas?

It was just your curiosity that inspired you. It was just you saw other people doing things and wanted to add your strokes too.

Where do we lose that curiosity and our instinct to follow through?

As we grow adults and get conditioned with social norms and expectations, we tend to lose this part of ourselves. The part which is not afraid of taking steps with curiosity, enjoyment of the process and learning from our results.

I look at my kids and they inspire me in this regard. Continue Reading →

Are You A Higgs-Boson (God’s) Particle At The Origin Or Beyond It?

I am not a Quantum Scientist. Very very far from it. And I don’t claim anything here.

However I believe in the primacy of Consciousness. I believe that everything arises from Consciousness and goes back into it. As Dr. Amit Goswami says, the Consciousness is the ground of all being!

I see a lot of potential in harnessing the understanding of Quantum Mechanics in creating transformation in a person’s life.

Recently Higgs-Boson particle is in lime-light. The efforts put in by all those involved in this huge science experiment tell us how far at present we are in a position to go for* knowing the fundamentals of our existence. Continue Reading →

Resourceful Life – Made Easier For You!

Few days back I was told by one of my clients that he had visited my blog and liked it very much. He said that he was happy to see resourceful material available here.

I felt good and I am not bragging here to impress you. What I actually want to tell you is that the client of mine ended his talk by telling me that although the posts he read were quite useful to him (providing him insights, tools and perspectives), he could not decide easily which one to read depending on what he actually needed in that moment.

He asked me to do a favor for him, so that a visitor like him, who wants to read on specific issues can easily find a relevant article. I understood what he was looking for and wanting me to do.

For any blog, this is an issue that old content gets buried as new stuff keeps on coming. This is because a blog is organized like a journal in a chronological order with the newest content at the top. There are ways to find what you are looking for using a manual search, categories search or tags search (and yes a blog design can be modified to make things more easily accessible, but that would take a long some more time for me to implement!)

However I got motivated and decided to provide my readers with a post that will guide them find what they are looking for in that moment.

The content on this site (up till now) is organized below in this article. Hope this shall help you more in making the best use of your invested time at this site.  I went back to my old posts, thought why I actually wrote them, and then categorized them based on various insights or content concepts. Continue Reading →

You Are Unique, And The World Needs You!

You are special and you have a special role to play in this world. You are unique and the world needs your uniqueness. Keeping it with you is selfishness. So let your uniqueness flow.

You might have learned not to express your uniqueness as you might have been told to follow others. You might have learned that your UNIQUENESS has no value as you see others doing better than you in some areas. But don’t confuse other people’s unique expression as a competition to your own creative and unique self-expression.

You have a special job to do in this world. You have a special place to live from in this world. You deserve that. No matter whatever you have convinced yourself with up to this point in life, this TRUTH remains that YOU are UNIQUE and your UNIQUENESS is required to be expressed for the benefit of this world. Continue Reading →

Separation Anxiety: What To Do? (A Free Report attached)

Recently I was called by one of my parents clients and asked for an appointment. We had met around one and half year ago for their little cute daughter (around 6 years old) who could not effectively handle separation when she was sent to her school. Parents were explained and then she could manage to get adjusted with her school environment.

Now as she moved from a pre-school into her school years, the issue has once again re-surfaced. This time the severity is perceived to be more than the last time, as the school authority had called her parents and informed that she kept on crying and remembering her mother in the school. She would become alright after coming back home and would remain happy until night before going to bed when she would once again start having anxiety and would cry and ask her parents not to send her school.

Another kid that I had an opportunity to help him in the similar situation used to vomit in the school when he cried at his peak.

In my personal experience, when my son Aaryan had joined his pre-school, he also experienced separation anxiety which was more than average. Continue Reading →

How Writing A Journal Can Help You Achieve Your Goals Faster

Long time and no update at my blog. I also now see that it has really been a very long time since I last updated my content here. Where was actually I during this period of hibernation? Yes, I did not show up here on this blog post, and I know those of you who read my posts would be upset, angry or even not bothered!

Yes, I was not at this blog, but let me tell you that the project (Resourceful Life) kept on evolving inside me. Many things have changed for me during this time. Some new way of living has been integrated inside me, and one of them is writing a journal. And that is what I want to talk about in this blog post.

As I have written elsewhere in this blog (I think in this post – Purpose of Life), that I always had difficulty expressing myself through writing (even during my school and college examinations); writing a journal was a very remote event for me. I must have read and heard about its usefulness, but had never implemented it until I came across Rich Schefren’s work. Continue Reading →