Becoming Conscious About What You Absorb And What You Broadcast

This is known to all that you feel comfortable in presence of some people, and get edgy when some other people are around. There must be something coming from the people we encounter that might be affecting the way we feel. Or it is just the way we process the people and events around us that make us feel so! What do you believe?

There are many ways by which this phenomenon is explained by different schools of psychology.

Have you heard of having a Real Energy Field around you?

We all carry with ourselves our own unique Energy Field. This field reflects what’s going on inside us. Our thought content, thinking patterns and emotional state contribute in creating this energy field. This field not only affects the way we relate with the world around us and our body, it affects the actual world and people around us!

Initially, this concept did not resonate well with me. Thinking from the Newtonian Mechanics Perspective, I found this concept to be very non-scientific and irrational! Now I believe that it is the most scientific thing we can talk about.

If you have even the little bit of understanding of Quantum Mechanics (Yes, I am not the master of it and will never be. Currently I am scratching just the surface of it), you will agree with me that at the core, we are all energy beings. And if this is understood by you, then buying into the concept that the frequency at which you vibrate can surely affect the world and people around you, won’t be that difficult.

I am talking about these concepts here in this blog post, because I have realized that harnessing these concepts can help us a lot in living a resourceful life. Like many psychotherapeutic concepts, using the understanding of Energy Psychology is essential for creating the life of our desires.

My understanding in this area started improving since I came across an Energy Psychiatrist- Judith Orloff, MD. I don’t remember at present how I got involved in this area, but let me tell you that in the beginning when I was not ready to accept these ideas, the talks of Judith Orloff did not make much sense to me (as I said in my previous post for Caroline Myss). I might have come across her talks many times before and ignored and continued to work and live based on my traditional psychiatric training. But as soon as I became ready to take a leap in my personal development journey, all her concepts started making the perfect sense for me to fill the gaps in mylearning.

I have started learning that how I unknowingly absorb the energy of other people and get stuck. I have understood that I have been taking in the energy of other people without my conscious awareness, and this pattern of mine kept me feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

The people we come across in our life carry with them their own energy fields. Unknowingly they have learned to vibrate at particular frequency and remain dependent on other people’s energy field too, to feed their own energy needs. There is no fault of anyone in most of the encounters (as the process may be quite unconscious), but if you are not aware about this process going on between you and other people, you cannot take good care of your emotional self. Unknowingly you get trapped, feel exhausted and overwhelmed and do not find any clue for how this must be happening.

The other side of the story is that you also affect the energy field of the people around you. And if you are not aware about this fact, unknowingly you may also be taking advantage of other people’s energy, and affecting them negatively even if you don’t want to do that. And these people include your loved ones, friends, co-workers and anyone else with whom you come in contact in your daily life.

The more I learn about these concepts, the better I am becoming at dealing with people around me. I have now learned to be conscious of what I am absorbing, and also what I am emitting. I take care of myself and also of people around me.

I have learned to move away from the situation ,when I realize that my energy patterns are not resourceful and may impact negatively to my loved ones and other people around. I am also learning to connect with the people whose energy patterns can nurture me and help me grow.

This understanding has helped me even protect myself from getting lost. This is because now I can perceive when I am getting trapped in the energy patterns of others.

Hope this shall help you too.

Dr. Sudeep Shroff
Conscious About My Energy Field

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3 Responses to Becoming Conscious About What You Absorb And What You Broadcast

  1. DR TEJAL March 4, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

    Sudip; It’s true 100 %..i always try to have positive energy around me when i m in my lab with my staff….we share good family tips…..and i always avoid that person who have somewhat independent strategy even though they live in one roof with family.. …..

    i have a very good experience in which i was trapped in their negative energy and my husband asked me that day that do you have conversation with these kind of people around you??? because you r talking something different today!!!

    And i realized that ohh!!! such people can change our mind in such a way that we are out of our control… as per your talk it’s their energy that i have absorbed….

  2. sudeepshroff March 6, 2011 at 11:38 am #

    True Tejal. I appreciate that you shared your experience. Keep growing and smiling 🙂


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