Bring love in place of fear – part 2

(the begining is in part 1)

Initially I did not know how to do it and my ego did not allow me to bring love into the situation that was very fearful and anger-provoking. How can I bring love here when I am so much frightened? Is it not unjustifiable to dissolve this anger and fear by bringing love here? Logically, I could not make sense of doing so. Still I went ahead to give it a try.

I read about this concepts & also listened to it in some audios. This has always made be deny and argue about its validity at first. However when I experienced that myself, I could really grasp the subject! Now it is my way of living to bring love in place of fear every time!

I experimented by giving love to those all who are involved in making this type of mass homicidal incidences come true. It was really tough but when I persisted, I could think of reasons to love these souls too! Of course there is no legal way to justify their behaviors and I do not advocate or endorse here, that this kind of act should be any way allowed by the legal system. However, feeling love towards them has worked in bringing me back to my original happy and productive work and family life. I know that some of you may not like the way I resolved this conflict of mine but this has made me feel better and productive. I have become more creative and now believe that I can face and stand anything that is fearful. I am ready to help others and contribute.

My initial way of coping (rationalizaton and justifying) made me more self-centered and protective. It restricted myself from going out freely and living this world. I remained neutral in my feelings. When I brought love and persisted, it made me feel abundant and courageous!

I thought this way:

The people who are involved in this type of activities are the victims of their lives. The circumstances have programmed them to get into these brutal activities, justify their behaviors and spread their message in this negative way. In fact, they were also born from their mothers’ wombs like me and you; yet, over the years, for them, the programming of their minds made them go into these acts. I thought of their parents and loved ones. I thought of them being away from the love of their near ones. I thought that they lack love inside them and have fear and resentment towards others. So if I harbor fear and resentment inside me against them, how can I take a better path?

Instead, I need to place love here, even though the things are fearful and anger-provoking. I need to do this even though my logics does not permit me to do so. I do not say here, that one should never feel fear or anger. Of course, they are automatic responses to our survival needs and frustrations! But, living with them for a long period, or burrying them inside us by rationalizing and justifying, or fighting in response to overcome our fear and insecurity may not provide us a better solution. I have experienced that myself! I have learned that finding reasons to bring love in a fearful and anger-provoking situations and then actually applying that to the situation, makes our moments more resourceful.


We, in a mass, can change the frequency of our world from fear to love, if we all learn to remain in a feeling state of love inspite of the situation being fearful and vulnerable. We can together make the world a better place by raising our vibration to a higher frequency of love and care. I really make sense of this now! I hope you may also find your insight and awareness in this. If you do not agree with what I say here, it is ok for me. I shall also welcome your genuine comments and views.

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  1. Dipen October 24, 2008 at 8:20 pm #

    100 % Agreed on your point, we as a mass can change situation. But problem with us is we have accepted “Chalta Hai” and accepting all things (Bad Also). No one from us is taking action against corruption, terrorisom, etc. As a whole we are adjusting our self as per situation!!.
    Untill and unless we not care about our self-nobody will care for our society and us.


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