Every Stroke Of Yours Matters. Never underestimate what you are creating.

Why are we afraid of taking inadequate or ill-defined or not-very–polished steps?

In reality, we learn by taking steps and making mistakes before we can create anything productive or beautiful. Just think about your childhood drawings.

Did you ever know what you were creating before you started putting lines on a canvas?

It was just your curiosity that inspired you. It was just you saw other people doing things and wanted to add your strokes too.

Where do we lose that curiosity and our instinct to follow through?

As we grow adults and get conditioned with social norms and expectations, we tend to lose this part of ourselves. The part which is not afraid of taking steps with curiosity, enjoyment of the process and learning from our results.

I look at my kids and they inspire me in this regard.

Every stroke that you make has a life in it. Never underestimate what you are creating *even though at first it may not seem beautiful or useful. *

I kept myself from producing content for this site for along as I was also a victim of this conditioning. Perfectionist inside me kept me away from coming out with small but creative output.

It’s ok. Transformation takes time. Awareness begins the process of transformation and consistently acting on your awareness transforms you in the process.

Make your own strokes on the canvas of life. Those who matter will surely find the meaning inside it.

When I look at those images I see the consciousness in the process of refining and creating something physical.

Dr. Sudeep Shroff
Making My Share Of Strokes

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2 Responses to Every Stroke Of Yours Matters. Never underestimate what you are creating.

  1. Wisdom Banjo August 17, 2013 at 10:37 am #

    Thanks for sharing Dr Sudeep, I needed to hear those words again to remind me that taking a step though imperfect is much better that waiting for perfect conditions which never seem to come. I just started a blog and I am really happy I took the first step and now I am learning so much.. I love the whiteboard by your kids..

  2. sudeepshroff August 18, 2013 at 9:55 am #

    Thanks Wisdom Banjo for appreciating.
    I truly relate with what you have said. Keep blogging & stay connected.