Find and live your true-self

Life can be lived in two ways:

1. In the way our conditioned-self directs us to take on

2. We find our purpose and our true-self and design our lives based on the direction that we get after aligning with our true-selves.

The first way is the most natural (?) way of living for most of us. We live our lives based on the beliefs and assumptions that are programmed inside us by our family members, teachers and other environmental influences. We accept this learning without our conscious awareness. We learn this because we were taught to think and behave in specific ways and also by observing people around us living and thinking about life in their own ways.

The mind in our early lives was like a sponge. It absorbed what ever it was offered to. The more consistently and intensively something was offered, the more impact that left on our psyche. People who played critical role in our lives did not have any wrong intention, in most of the cases, to affect us negatively. Yet, they pass their negative (better word is: dis-empowering or maladaptive) life patterns to us without knowing the process happening.

Have you ever felt that you could be doing something different than what you are currently working with and spending your time and energy on?

Have you ever felt deep inside you the need to take a different path than what you are currently walking on?

If your answers to above questions is ‘no’, you can stop reading further in this post. If you are not sure or have ever resonated with the feeling state I just talked about, you can go on.

Doesn’t that bring useful insight to us when we think about how mortal we all are?

We are only sure of one thing in life: Death. The biggest uncertainty in life is when it will happen. I may be typing and saving the draft of this post and you may not be able to read it, as I may die before I can edit and publish it. Yes, this is the biggest uncertainty we need to get in terms with.

I have always found that when I think about my existence with accepting its mortal nature, I start living with more excitement and enthusiasm for all my projects at hand.

If your existence is mortal, how would you prefer to live your years on this planet?

What would you choose?Living by the design made by the factors outside your control or by the way you draft your strategies?

Life offers to all of us many opportunities to choose from these options. It presents to us circumstances that have potential to create awareness about this critical fact of life. If we are open to receive this insight and willing to follow through the guidance, life offers ways of making that happen too.

Finding your true-self is the process where initially you will experience your alignment with your true-self momentarily. You may notice yourself performing some tasks at your full potential. Doing those things and being in some ways bring Real Joy to you. These experiences are for a very short period of time in the initial phase of your discovery of true-self.

If you persist with your willingness to let the conditioned way of living go and experience a new yet unknown way of experiencing reality, slowly your alignment with your true nature will start becoming a more permanent experience of your life.

You become more creative and find joy in contributing in someone else’s growth and enjoyment. You start believing that life is not only about consuming and storing. You start enjoying the process of giving also.

Waking up in the morning is full of excitement and curiosity. Retiring in sleep at night is full of contentment and being thankful. You are then not worried about the Biggest Uncertainty (as mentioned before) of life and take every moment as an opportunity to create, share and contribute.

The real happiness and joy of life is in the process of creating. When you finish creating a project the feeling of contentment takes over. You indulge in contentment and feel thankful about your ability to create. The next cycle of creation begins again.

Yes, you have options to choose from. Remain open to receive insights in your daily life experiences and you will be guided by the creative source of everything in this universe.

You need only three qualities to begin the process:

a. Willingness to let go the conditioned way of living

b. Openness to receive the insights for getting aligned with your true-self

c. Courage to move further in the unknown

Have a resourceful life,
Dr. Sudeep Shroff
Willing to let go, Open to receive and Moving in the unknown


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