Inspired for blogging!

For many months, I did not write any post for my this or other blog. It was not out of my focus, however , I did not prioritize that in my ‘To Dos’.

Frankly, I was getting overwhelmed whenever I thought of creating any content for my blogs.

As mentioned (I suppose!) somewhere in my earlier posts, I am perfectionist by nature. I find that this quality of mine prevents me from acting on some of my ‘To Dos’. I procrastinate and do not do the things which I like the most. I have been working on this and getting better at it.

Yesterday, I came across, while watching some of my subscription videos at You Tube, a great boost! I saw a video that has inspired me to start working again on blogging. I have attached the video below with this post.

I do not want to describe further about it. Just watch it.

Thanks Glenda for motivating me. God bless you!


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