How To Go From An Idea to A Reality

An Idea is like a seed;
A Reality is its fruit!

Quantum Leap And Ideas

Yes you can take a quantum leap in your ideas immediately. It may bring to you a new perspective to look at life events. It also brings to you a new possibility for your life. But, the process of Creating just begins from that point.

Taking a quantum leap in your awareness does not require a linear process. You can conceive anything at anytime you want, even if that way of thinking is very remote for you. Being conscious about this new idea or insight is where the process of creating begins. Persisting in that state of yourself and acting from that position will then turn ideas into your reality.

I had many quantum leaps in my perception and awareness. In a moment, I felt that I had grown up more years. Those are the ‘Aha’ moments. You feel excited about the possibility you can create.

From ‘Aha’ moments to Actions Steps

The problem is to be in that state continuously and expressing yourself from that vantage point. This is difficult because you are likely to fall back into your previous state of awareness! It is also because you are not accustomed to act with a new state of awareness. This new state is alien to you. Becoming used to it takes time.

Living your life at a higher and more empowered level of awareness may be frightening for some as it is like exploring the areas you have never visited before. It also affects the environment around you. People and things around you have a pattern of connection with you. When you change, those connections are affected too. For many dealing with those environmental effects that their new awareness brings to them becomes difficult. But, one thing is sure that you can influence your reality only by being in that state for a long and acting from that position.

So, how can Ideas be turned into a Reality?

It is a process. Planting seeds is the beginning and getting fruits is the outcome you are after. It takes time.

Your job here is to provide adequate water and fertilizer to those seeds. You need to see that they receive proper sunlight too. You are also required to remove any weeds growing around them.

You need to believe that growing from a seed to a fruit is a natural process. It’s true for any seed. If I persist, things will emerge in my reality. It just happens that way, unless you get impatient and take those seeds out of the soil very early!

You are looking for the fruits, but if you don’t enjoy small growth events of your seeds, the process can be frustrating too. Enjoy every small development that takes place in this process.

Seeds will then grow into roots which will take hold of your awareness. All other perceptions will be built on these roots. A stem will turn into many branches (various thinking, feelings and behavioral patterns that develops inside you, as you stay longer with your new awareness). Those patterns will finally create the the reality you really want.

To summarize, the important ingredients for persisting during this process are:

  • Patience
  • Trust and faith in the process of life
  • Enjoying every small change that you observe
  • Providing adequate water, fertilizer and sunlight to your seeds
  • Removing weeds (unwanted patterns of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors that emerge from your previous state of awareness)
  • Loving other trees(people with ideas and actions) around you and letting them grow too!
  • Being grateful for what you have and appreciating your creation (however small it may be)

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Have a Resourceful Life ahead,
Dr. Sudeep Shroff
Moving from an Idea to a Reality

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