Learn to vibrate with our desires

In life, we often get into the trap where our desires are not congruent with our daily thoughts and behaviors. This is the time when we desire to have good things and people in our life, yet we vibrate at a frequency that attract opposite to what we want. This results in events in our life that we least want.

For example, we desire to have abundance and prosperity, but we get involved in mental processes and actions that attract scarcity. We talk about the problems we are facing and find reasons and people to blame for. We ruminate about things not working in our lives.

I believe in the Law of Attraction and so agree with the notion that we attract what we focus on. This reminds me of a saying that says,

“Be careful of what you think about… because you will get it.”

But how can we dissolve this discrepancy and learn to vibrate with what we want.

Let me tell you that the major part of our brain processing is Unconscious. Those are the mental processes and their consequent behaviors that occur outside of our awarewness.

These unconscious processes are learned ways of running our brains. They took hold on us when we were small. Either we were taught to think, feel and behave in some ways by our parents, teachers and other care-givers or we watched them living their lives and learned those proceeses observationally.

These learning include blaming others for our mis-fortunes, worrying on small matters, feeling inappropriately guilty about our deeds or devaluing or efforts.

As we grow older we get new perspectives about life and also see people thinking and behaving differently than us. We see others moving ahead faster than us. We compare with others and feel lack of some qualities or material possessions. This feeling of lack generates the desire to acquire or achieve more.

This is the situation where we have desires to have more in our life and at the same time have our habitual way of running our brains that do not support the desired outcomes.

The solution here is to tune the frequency our mental processing and behaving to match our desires by taking baby steps. Let’s first accept the discrepancy honestly. This acceptance is the first step in tuning our vibrations.

We need to be consciously aware of the fact that what we focus our attention on expands inside our mind and also in external reality. So, slowly and gradually, we need to bring back our conscious thinking, feelings and actions to abundance and richness of the universe.

We need to tell ourselves,

I know that I am a loving creation of God. I know I have all the resources inside me to manifest my desires.

I am willing to let go my habits that do not support me in vibrating at the frequency of my desires.

I attract wonderful opportunities.

I am flexible at making changes in the way I process my life events.

Consciously affirming above mentioned sentences will surely initiate changes in our unconscious.

Ofcourse, this is not the only way of changing habits. We may need to learn some psychotherapeutic techniques if we are dealing with deep-seated issues of self-esteem and empowerment. Yet, this is surely a jump start for manifesting our desires.

One Response to Learn to vibrate with our desires

  1. Falguni Pattel August 24, 2009 at 12:00 am #

    I totally agree with the law of attraction.. Somehow whenever we are in pain we keep thinking all negative thought possible & keep attracting all the ngeative energy in the universe towards us, ultimatley we blame God, Why does this happen only to me? This is where our conscious efforts to attract positive plays a very imp role. Affirmations about postive self n focus on what u strongly desire will surely make us have that & in this whole process , the process itself becomes enjoyable n there we get our happiness:))
    Beautiful article Sudeep.