Learning lessons of Life while learning a Guitar- part 2

It takes time

Making things happen in your reality takes time. Your thoughts attract towards you the  events and circumstances that are actual match to your desires. The universe is ready to help you fulfilling your wishes but you need to work on releasing the resistance that is stopping the reality to emerge.

If you know the right method the process is faster

I tried making the process of learning enjoyable and faster by getting involved with various tutorials and course online along with my teacher at home. Various people told about doing things in their own way. When I found the method that is working for me, the growth  was accelerated.  This does not mean what others said was false. It does mean that I am required to find the ways that work for me.

Work in small chunks

I have noticed that when someone is very much passionate about something, he works really hard and for long hours for making things happen. I have learned from my experience that whenever your brain needs to make changes, it is more useful to work in small chunks. Rather than pushing yourself very hard to get things done in a single session, it helps if you do things consistently in small chunks. That has worked for me in learning Guitar. I applied that to other areas of my life and it worked there also.

Observe others who are doing well but do not compare

Observing others with ease helps your unconscious learn many things which will not happen if you focus only on your learning. I made comparison in the beginning when I started learning guitar and the comparison made me disappointed many times. When I changed my perspective of observing others for the sake of learning and enjoying the guitar per say, my unconscious did a lot without my conscious awareness. In my next session of practice somethings would automatically appear in my playing. I am sure that is true in other aspects of life also.

Overuse of Logic can sometimes kill you!

Learning guitar needs proper integration and harmonious balance between both sides of your brain. This is true in life too! Our creativity emerges from right side of our brain and logic uses the left one. Overusing the left makes things boring and mechanical. I did that for my early days of learning as I tried to fit the pieces of a puzzle called Guitar. It surely helped me making sense of its theory but when I actually started applying my  learning, it was obstructing the flow of my creative expression. Suddenly an insight popped up and I let my left brain calm down; things changed thereafter.

In life also, letting the logic go helps intuition appear and magic happens!

Get in tune with your source, creativity flows

You don’t make sense of everything in life every time. There is a time when you don’t have any clue what to do next. I have learned that in those moments of uncertainty and confusion, just connect with the source of everything (may be God!) and you will be guided on your road.

Find your rhythm an work accordingly

Like music, Life also has a rhythm of  its own. That varies from person to person. Get hooked with your own. Dance on that beats and the process of enjoyable. If you find that you are out of rhythm, take a break and start again. That’s OK.

Apply, get the feedback and make changes as necessary

Going blindly without getting a feedback is surely a way to reach where you never want to be. Taking feedback is a critical component  of making things happen in the way you want them to be.

You get amazed by your results

There are things in life about which you are never sure of. You don’t believe that you can do such a good work. Nobody is sure how far he can fly, unless you spread your wings. I experienced this while learning guitar. Now I regularly gets those moments when I am amazed at my results. I secretly tell myself, “Wow! You are great!” This is also true in the process of Personal Development.

Visualization works

Visualizing before actually getting in to an activity increases the chances of hitting the bull’s eye. I started visualizing regularly after I got a dream in which i was playing a guitar in a certain way and I applied it the next day to see the magic happening. In life also, when I feel not sure of how I am going to make that happen, I now practice visualizing and create a feeling of empowerment.

The power of letting go

When you realize that it is not working in the way you want, take a break and work on releasing the feelings of resistance that is blocking the reality to appear. There is no point in holding any feeling that is not helping you to create the output you want, even though your logic makes you believe that it is not fair to let it go. Believe me that there is a power in letting go.

Sometime in life,  just let it go and let it happen by itself.

Dr. Sudeep Shroff


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