I was amazed at his readiness

On that day my son did not go to his school because he had been feeling ill for couple of days. He was initially ambivalent about his decision. However, when we agreed with him, he felt relieved!

We then got into general conversation about what to do on that day. We explored his book about the space. He tried to memorize the names of our planets. Then he suddenly asked,

“Pappa, what is there above the space?”

The preposition ‘above’ made me curious & confused. I sought clarification by asking,

“what do you mean by ‘above’? There is not ‘above’ but the concepts of ‘all around’ as the earth is a sphere.”

He clarified that he was curious to know what was there beyond the blue sky that we could see outside his bedroom’s window.

I explained that the universe is made up of many galaxies, out solar system & many other things ( Iactually did not have an idea how to explain  about those other things to that five and a half years old curious kid).

I looked at his face. I felt that he was exploring in his mind something very serious and deep. He asked,

“Pappa, what happens when we die?!”

I was surprised to see his readiness to explore this metaphysical concept at such an early age. Even many people at 50-60 years of age do not have this readiness. I gained an insight -the question & the curiosity about our life and death is with us since our birth. However, we burry them inside us and do not attempt to explore it with open mind. We avoid thinking and exploring about death, though that is the final stop for all of us in our journey called life. I think it is because we do not have the evidence based answers of whta happens when we leave this planet. As it remains unanswered inside us, it surfaces often in the form of ‘Fear of Death’.

For few months, I had been myself exploring this issue in depth. So, I felt that I was well equipped to handle his queries when my son and asked showed his readiness to induge into it. I answered him,

“Dear son, we all have unseen force or energy inside us. What we perceive as this body is one of the forms of energy tha present everywhere. It is the same force that makes a plant grow. and birds fly. It is the same force that help us breath and our hearts beat without our efforts. When we die this energy leaves our body & mixes up with the universe.”

I do not know and do not have any validation that i answered him correctly. I think there is no correct answer for this! It occured to me spontaneously at that time and so I told him the same.

His queries got deepen,

“so we are not our bodies but this energy?! Is it true?.”

He continued,

“I feel that we are our minds! Everything that our body does is because our mind instructs it! See… I want to stand up and so my limbas make me stand”

On that moment, I was amazed!! I realized that this valuable awareness is inborn!! We, due to social conditioning & so called materialistic maturity, lose the connection with this higher awareness. We identify with our physical self and ignore our non-physical aspects like our thoughts, feelings, intentions and imaginations. We seek for the truth outside ourselves while that awareness is inside us since birth.

My five and a half year son helped me gain this valubale insight on that day! I documented it in my notes the same night and now posting it here for you. Truly, he is my best teacher!

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