Living Your True-self


We are given our identity by the people around us since we are born. We are identified by our parents, place of birth, the culture we are born in and by our physical appearance. The questions that I always ask to myself  are:

who was Ibefore I received this identity?

How was I identified then?

Did I really have some some identity before this?

Did I really exist before this?

Thniking becomes more metaphysical when you dive into this kind of exploration. For some, it may be anxiety provoking. Yes, it is, because you dive into the pool of uncertainty! People tend to avoid it due to  the fear of getting lost.

I intend to make things simple here. I have written before about it in my post- Find And Live Your True-self.  I am sure that this post shall bring some more clarity to this.

The person whom I admire much, Dr. Wayne Dyer says things in an easy to understand way in this matter. He tells that,

the problem starts when we over-identify with our Ego-self (the self that we learn to be ourself since we are born) and forget about our True Nature.

He asks us to think about how gracefully we were taken care of when we were inside our mothers’ womb. We get into the ‘form’ from ‘non-form’ and grows at the speed and on the path designed by some mysterious power. We just surrender ourselves to the process and let it happen. We stop surrendering when we grow up!

The medical science is also fascinated by the process of our intra-uterine journey- the time from conception to birth! At a precise moment we come into ‘being‘ and  then live on this planet for decades.


who am I in the first place?

When I attend funerals, certain thoughts always cross my mind. I wonder that the person whom I knew is still in front of me in his or her physical reality. But, something is missing! He is there but also not there! I have gradually learned to believe that our true reality is beyond this physical existence. Because when someone dies, his physical existence is still in front of us before he is cremated, the self of him or her to which we related with is not there.

What will happen if I connect with my non-physical identity in this life before I die?

What will happen if I live my life from that position?

Will I still be able to live?

Will I be able to remain ‘sane’?

I was very skeptical about exploring this area of life, few years back. My traditional training in psychiatry did not provide me any clue into this. On the contrary, my learning prevented me from exploring this aspect of our existence.

One day, when I was interacting with my son, I was struck with a realization that when we were small we did have connection with our non-physical existence. I have talked about this in my previous post-I am amazed at his readiness. My son told me with surety, at his very early age that he was not his body but his mind! Aha!

We lose our connection to our non-physical self (which I believe is our true-self) due to the conditioning we get during our developmental years. The problems we suffer from in this life stem from our limited perceptions from the position of this physical existence.

When we start living from our our true nature, there are no problems, but only challenges and opportunities! Every difficulty that we encounter on our journey on this planet is an opportunity to grow. It is because our true-self is immortal! Yes, this is too much meta-physical stuff I am talking about. But believe me, since I grasped onto this, my fears disappeared. I do feel pain but don’t fear exploring. I do have frustrations but I always regain my power back after sometime, and get moving forward. Thanks to the belief  that I have installed into my awareness, as an outcome of my learning about life. And the belief is

I am beyond my body. I am a spiritual being having a human experience not the opposite!

I now realize when I am connected with the True-self of mine and when I am living from the limited perceptions of my physical existence. Knowing this difference helps me shift my consciousness and start flowing with life again.

You are living your True-self when

  • You feel that you are acting from the position of Unconditional Love
  • You feel that you have courage to act in spite of the fear around
  • You move forward following your intuition
  • You realize that you are enjoying everything around you
  • You acknowledge that everyone is on a  journey of growth and at the core of our existence everyone is divinely complete (including you)
  • You acknowledge the problems in your life as opportunities to expand your awareness and shift your paradigms
  • When you get involved in creative activities and enjoy every moment of time lived in it

This list is not exhaustive. Share your experiences in the comments section below and add your wisdom to this post. Share it with others and let other add their insights too.

Wishing you a Life full of abundance and creative expression,

Dr. Sudeep Shroff
Living my True-self

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