What Do I Know About Newtonian Mechanics Vs Quantum Mechanics Perspectives?

During my journey of personal development, I have gone through various stages of learning. At every stage, I had exposure to different kind of information (self-help or psychotherapeutic material), and unique insights and awareness continued to develop inside me as I explored them.

The reality at smaller scales of existence

One of the concepts that you may come across, when you dive deeper into understanding how the universe works, and what is your role here on this planet during this lifetime, is the concept of Quantum Mechanics. It is the reality at a very smaller scale of existence (atoms and subatomic particles). We all are made up of atoms, so finally the concept applies to us as individuals too.

We are all familiar with the way the Universe is organized and how it works. For most of us, the understanding stems from our school education, and mostly it originates in the Newtonian Mechanics Perspective of how everything around us is structured. It is also called Classical Physics Perspective.

I am not a physicist. I had my learning more in biology as I chose medical profession as my primary career. I am sharing with you my understanding and perspectives. It has helped me a lot, and I know that it shall help you too in your journey on this planet (Want to dive deeper into the technical aspects of this subject… here is the Wikipedia Link).

How we understand the world around us affects the way we look at the life in general


Our worldview and therefore most of our philosophy of life is based on some fundamental concepts that emerge from the way we have understood about the world around and inside us. We may not be consciously aware about it, but for sure we have learned to understand and form concepts about how the universe works.

This understanding gives us the perspectives (our individual filters) through which we make sense of the people, events and circumstances of our lives.

What does the Newtonian Mechanics Perspective tell us?

  • As per the Newtonian Mechanics Perspective, everything is predictable. If you know about the parts, you can know about the Whole!
  • Logic and mathematics can explain everything. If you have understood how the most basic processes in the universe works, you can make prediction about the bigger events.
  • The world is made of matter and the forces acting on them. The matter can be divided into smaller particles up to the level of atoms and subatomic particles. All the particles and the matter made up of those particles (from very small to the largest celestial bodies) follow the same classical physics’ laws.
  • The reality is what you can perceive, or manage to perceive through your five sensory channels. If anything is beyond this level of perception, it does not simply exist!

What is the Quantum Mechanics Perspective?

  • As per the Quantum Mechanics Perspective, at the core, everything is nothing but energy. The experiments in the field of Quantum Mechanics has revealed that the electrons orbiting around a nucleus of an atom can exist simultaneously as a possible particle or an energy wave packet.
  • There is no fixed path which electrons take around a nucleus. Instead, they exist as ‘Electron Clouds’ around a nucleus in various orbitals and shells
  • Any single electron can exist simultaneously at more than one places! This is really bizarre and difficult to accept when you are exposed to this information for the first time (Read further and it shall help you more!)
  • Everything exists in the form of pure potential or possibilities. The observation collapses the possibilities into a reality. So, there is no reality if there is no observation. Everything exists because we observe.
  • An electron can jump from one energy level (orbital, shell) to an another energy level, without actually moving through the space inbetween. It just changes its energy state. No logical, gradual progression through the space in between!

  • We are all energy beings. So not only the laws of matter (particles to be very specific), but the laws of waves also apply to us. Our existence does not only have physical shape and space occupancy that we all are familiar with, but we all have our own frequencies at which we vibrate. We all have our Energy Existence too. We can go to an extent and say that the Energy Existence is the primary existence, although we may not perceive it routinely.
  • We are all connected at the core. You and me both exist and vibrate in the same energy field. Our frequencies may be different, and so we have different experiences, but the core of both of us (and actually all of us) is the same.
  • You exist both as particles and energy. So the laws of particles and waves, both are applicable to you. Surprisingly at the core there is no matter, only energy or pure possibilities!

This is what I have understood about these concepts. I am still exploring more, learning and integrating new information as well as experiencing them in my life.

How do you feel when you have known these facts?

Are you just discarding them as they may not easily fit into your existing world-view?

Do you feel overwhelmed when you have read these facts? Were you already aware about this information? If yes, have you experienced any change in your life after knowing them?

Do share your thoughts below in the comments section. Share the post with your loved ones, friends or anyone you know can benefit or can contribute to this material.

God bless you.

Dr. Sudeep Shroff
Acknowledging my Energy Existence

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5 Responses to What Do I Know About Newtonian Mechanics Vs Quantum Mechanics Perspectives?

  1. Dr. Mukesh Samani February 10, 2011 at 11:00 pm #

    you may like the websites of the journal of consciousness studies and e-journal psyche
    are you aware of the controversy of determinism vs free will

  2. sudeepshroff February 11, 2011 at 2:46 pm #

    Thanks for suggesting those websites.
    Yes, I know about the debate.
    Which side you are in?
    For me, I choose what works for me.


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