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What Do I Know About Newtonian Mechanics Vs Quantum Mechanics Perspectives?

During my journey of personal development, I have gone through various stages of learning. At every stage, I had exposure to different kind of information (self-help or psychotherapeutic material), and unique insights and awareness continued to develop inside me as I explored them. The reality at smaller scales of existence One of the concepts that […]

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Living Your True-self

We are given our identity by the people around us since we are born. We are identified by our parents, place of birth, the culture we are born in and by our physical appearance. The questions that I always ask to myself  are: who was Ibefore I received this identity? How was I identified then? Did I […]

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How To Overcome Perfectionism

Perfectionism is one of the many ways people  sabotage manifestation of their  desires. People who have this attitude appear masters in the eyes of others but are always short of the outcomes in their own eyes. These people continue to strive with the assumption that one day they will achieve the best. In reality this is […]

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Are You Trapped In A Habit Of Blaming?

by  annnna_ Let me begin by asking you few questions. Pay attention to what your heart says about them. Be honest and then explore further. Are you trapped in the Blaming Habit? How do you react when things don’t go in the way you want them to? Do you take responsibility and be accountable for your action steps? […]

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Do You Sometimes Go Blank?

Changing one’s habitual way of living becomes tough if your Mind resists the change too much. You may have willingness to change, but the Mind may not support you easily in the process. I have seen this pattern with my clients and also with me at times. We (to be specific, our Mind) seek permanence. […]

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