Are You Trapped In A Habit Of Blaming?

Let me begin by asking you few questions. Pay attention to what your heart says about them. Be honest and then explore further.

Are you trapped in the Blaming Habit?

How do you react when things don’t go in the way you want them to?

Do you take responsibility and be accountable for your action steps?

What do you do when someone finds a fault with you?

What reasons do you have for your life not going in the way you want it to?

You may know that you are not living your full potential!

Life does not always go as we want it to. We all know that. You may not always be happy with the events and circumstances of your life. You may sometimes feel that you are not living your full potential.

You realize that you can express yourself in a more creative way but are not doing so. You know that the life you desire is not what you are currently living. You know you are capable of more but not taking that self of yours out.

It is very easy to blame others

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Do You Sometimes Go Blank?

Changing one’s habitual way of living becomes tough if your Mind resists the change too much. You may have willingness to change, but the Mind may not support you easily in the process.

I have seen this pattern with my clients and also with me at times. We (to be specific, our Mind) seek permanence. We are used to the way we live (even though the current way of living is not supporting us). Changing it may not be comfortable for our mind. We may go blank during this time! We feel that our mind is jammed. Some may feel extremely tired even though they have not done any major physical or mental work. You may not get any new ideas or may not understand what is going on with and around you.

This feeling state prevents you from progressing in the right direction. You may be attempting to act against your habitual way of acting, but the mind may not go with you. It will go blank and you may feel alienated for sometime.

Reasons for Going Blank

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Have You Read This In Times Of India?


We need information that triggers inside us our dormant potential. We constantly look for that information. What we look for, we find it in our environment.

For last few days, life was going tough. Somehow my consciousness was clouded with negative expectations and was vibrating at a frequency that was not taking me closer to the life I always wanted. Unknowingly, I think, I was trapped with emotional turmoil and resisting the experience that was unfolding inside me.

Then, today, I came across this article in Times of India. It is written in a simple, short paragraphs telling various aspects of how life can be turned into a Good Life. I found that article very timely for me to change my perspective. I knew things but was not implementing them!

The article also quotes some well-known persons who share their understanding about how to make your life good. To name few of them are Deepak Chopra, Pritish Nandy, Shobhaa De, Chetan Bhagat and others.

The good thing about the article is that it covers almost all the most important ingredients to make life good and resourceful. I want to add words to some of those. These I have found very much related to my own life and learning.

Importance of Sleep

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How To Go From An Idea to A Reality

An Idea is like a seed;
A Reality is its fruit!

Quantum Leap And Ideas

Yes you can take a quantum leap in your ideas immediately. It may bring to you a new perspective to look at life events. It also brings to you a new possibility for your life. But, the process of Creating just begins from that point.

Taking a quantum leap in your awareness does not require a linear process. You can conceive anything at anytime you want, even if that way of thinking is very remote for you. Being conscious about this new idea or insight is where the process of creating begins. Persisting in that state of yourself and acting from that position will then turn ideas into your reality.

I had many quantum leaps in my perception and awareness. In a moment, I felt that I had grown up more years. Those are the ‘Aha’ moments. You feel excited about the possibility you can create.

From ‘Aha’ moments to Actions Steps

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How To Befriend With The Critic Inside You!

For a perfectionist like me, getting in terms with the Internal Critic was very difficult initially. For many years, I was not aware about its existence! I did not realize that my choices in life were determined by the Internal Critic.

Who is this Internal Critic that I am talking about?

We have our own internal voice that keeps check on what we do and how we do anything in life. Yes, it’s a part of our Conditioned Mind. (yes, this is very abstract! 🙂

If it is not there, it is also not desirable. It’s because, then you won’t have a part of you assessing your performance and guiding you based on the feedback you get.

As we know that the feedback and opinions given by others about our performance can really be helpful, provided they are unbiased and intended for helping and growing. The same way the feedback and criticism that this so-called Internal Critic provides us can be beneficial in our journey called life.

For some (like me), the Internal Critic is over-critical and biased. This bias exists because of our early life experiences. The mind is conditioned in such a way that the Critic finds faults with you and your life most of the time. Appreciating your work and yourself is a rare event in this scenario! Continue Reading →

Taking Inspired Actions For Creating A Resourceful Life

Taking actions are important in life to influence the Life. This is very easy to grasp for the most, but difficult to implement.

Why is it like that?

Why is it that you can grasp it easily, but when it comes to implementation, it is not that easy to do…

I have experienced that taking actions improves my vision. In life, you may not always be able to see things upto their ends. So waiting for things to clear in front of your Mind’s eyes, and then take steps is the prescription to wait for ever.

Procrastinating Lifestyle and Immobilized Mindset

When we have dreams, actions are the next steps to make them a Reality. We know that. Initially you may take actions to make them happen, but to persist requires a different mindset to adopt.

We need feedback for our actions. We need to see that the steps that we take are taking us closer to our goals. When you see that things are not moving forward, it is common for us to get frustrated. Most of us leave at this point. We lose faith in the process and change the course of our life.

How can I know that the actions I am taking are the correct ones that will take me to my goals?

When frustration takes over us, we tend to discard all our efforts as useless. We then become over-critical of what we do. We then need to be very sure before we start taking steps! This is the beginning of our Procrastinating Lifestyle. Continue Reading →

Is Day Dreaming Helpful?

There are different opinions about Day Dreaming. One group may say that Day Dreaming is a waste of time. People can do much more by taking actions than day dreaming. The people in other group favors the process of day dreaming. And an another third group, as in any other case, has no sure side to take.

I believe that actions are critical in creating something useful in the World we experience through our Mind. Just thinking about something can not make it happen. It can create opportunities for you, take you closure to your goals but if you don’t grab those opportunities or take some actions, you are not actually impacting the Reality you live in.

At the same time, I believe that Day Dreaming is equally important. Here I am talking about Day Dreaming as a Visualizing Process that triggers new connections inside your brain. If you want to make an impact in your Reality with something which you have not yet learned, Day Dreaming can really help you preparing your brain for the same.

What is Empowering Day Dreaming?

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7 tips to remain on track while creating the life you desire

It is easy to get distracted. It is also common to get trapped in our limiting beliefs and habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and acting.

Starting out on a path  to create the life of your desire is easy. We get motivated by reading a good book or listening to an inspiring speech or watching someone doing things we want to do. This initial spark is easy to create now a days. The problem is remaining on track consistently and creating the output we truly want in our lives.

Does that sound familiar?

I have experienced it often. Of course, as I grow and learn more, the easier it is becoming for me to come back on the track. I have observed that there are some specific measures that I take (sometimes consciously  and at other times without my awareness) that puts me back on the course I have committed myself to. This random measures are becoming more identifiable and easy to apply as I get more chances to implement them.

Let’s explore:

1. Taking a break

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Why am I attracting accidents in my life nowadays?

For last one week, I am attracting vehicular accidents in my life! I have been driving a car for last 15-16 years but such experiences (with conscious  awareness) have never been so close to one another any time before.
In last week, it happened with me three to four times. Every time the experience was different and made me think differently. Some of you may find this funny to write or document about. But, I am feeling the need to do so.

First experience- No fault of mine (everyone thinks like that, you may say)

I was in my car at a traffic junction. The place was really a crowded one on a rainy Saturday evening. I was tired and returning from a journey of around 100 kilometers.

Suddenly I noticed that a car (bigger than mine!) came out from a nearby street and took a turn to join the cars standing at that traffic junction. There was not a much space to accommodate it besides my car, yet the driver tried to get in a narrow space.

I found him very restless. Through my closed window I waved him and asked him to wait till the traffic moves from that signal point. As he noticed that the red light turned into green, he could not wait but to accelerate his car.

As I told before, there was no space for him to go ahead and he finally scratched the side of my car.

Now I opened the windows and reacted by telling him that he was quite impatient and has created a damage to me.

There was a real blast from him! He got angry, started shouting and abusing me for no fault of mine. I saw that there was impatience, urgency, irresponsibility and lack of character with him.

I saw his wife (I assume!) sitting beside him. I could perceive that she knew what was going on with his husband but was seen as a helpless spectator (I think she might have had similar experiences many times before).

Realizing that there won’t be much achieved by getting more involved with the person who was not in his senses, I decided to move on.

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How could you help this little girl?

I thought of writing about this event to my blog for a quite a long time. Some how I lost touch with it. Today, suddenly this has popped in my mind. I decided to do the writing immediately as I don’t want to let this experience of mine go out of my awareness. I feel an urge to share it with my readers.

I remember that day very well

It was Tuesday afternoon. I was in my consulting room and  noticed that an appointment was booked for a little girl of 10 years old. I finished my regular mail checking and other administrative work in my office before she arrived for her consultation.

A little girl with her uncle

She was brought to me by her uncle as she was remaining sad and not communicating enough with her family members. She spent time alone and would talk only when it was extremely necessary for getting some work done. Her uncle also told me that she would gaze out of her bedroom’s window for a long. Sometimes she would cry for a long and was difficult to help at that time.

She wasn’t always like that. She had witnessed her parents dying in a vehicular accident. They were returning back home from a holiday break and met with an accident. She was the only survivor of that incidence.

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