Personal Development With Conscious Awareness

The journey of personal development is unique for every individual. We all grow and develop at our own pace. The triggers for periods of accelerated growth in our lives are also unique for everyone of us. For many, this process is unconscious; only few are consciously aware about their development.

Developing Consciously has many advantages.

You are aware about what’s going on with you. You can relate with what has triggered the process and what has catalyzed it. You are aware about where you were and now where you are heading towards. Your learning that you gained in the process of Conscious Development can be applied to help others find their own ways in their lives

How can you grow and develop consciously?

Growth and development are inevitable processes whether you are consciously aware about it or it’s just happening to you. That is for which you are incarnate in this self! Your spirit is always seeking experiences that can help you learn new lessons, form new perspectives and manifest at newer levels.

Those who find that life is boring need to check with themselves at what pace and in what direction the change is happening with them. Life can be frustrating or exciting, but not boring, if you are constantly experiencing change! For those who flow with the process of change, it’s exciting. And for those who resist the change, it becomes frustrating.

There is no better way to live life than to flow with the process of change and remaining consciously aware about it. You are incarnated into this physical self with a spiritual purpose. Your spirit already knows what it is supposed to learn, unless you block the process by evaluating life with your ego-driven self. The perspective that you get from your ego-driven self are limited. You get to explore only the limited physical reality with it. The spirit knows the meaning behind your problems and celebrations. If allowed, you are naturally inclined to learn from your experiences; either negative or positive.

You are conditioned to resist and evaluate, while your natural tendency is to surrender!

You are conditioned to reason and doubt while your natural tendency is to experience!

Of course, you cannot remain bound to your conditioning, if you really want to consciously develop and live the life to your full potential. You just need to transcend the obstacles that your conditioned-self brings in your way.

Stop fighting

There is no need to conclude here that your conditioned mind is your enemy and you need to fight with it for your conscious growth to take place. Conditioned mind’s primary job is to protect you (not only from physical harm, but also from psychological pain). It seeks for security and stability. It wants you to be free from any harm. But like any over-protective parent, it unknowingly obstructs the growth and learning that your spirit needs to have to manifest at a higher level of functioning.

The strategy here is not to fight with the conditioned mind, but to acknowledge its motive and thank it for working in your good faith. At the same time you also need to acknowledge that although the motive of your conditioned mind is in your favor, you are required to go beyond it to experience your full potential.

Are you afraid to surrender?

This is obvious as you are conditioned to seek for security and stability. Surrendering brings into you the fear of losing control. When you surrender, you tend to feel that the life is going out of control. This is perceived as a dangerous move by your conditioned mind. It resists this move.

To transcend this fear and resistance you need to install inside you a fundamental belief that there is a power beyond this physical self and the world created by people. The power that brings into this world ‘The Life’ and all lives finally go back to that power. When this belief is installed and you feel that way in every part of yourself, surrendering becomes easier. You surrender yourself to the higher power and resistance melts. You flow and grow with conscious awareness.

Following your intuitions

One very important aspect of growing consciously is to be aware about the guidance you receive from the higher power. When you are operating from the position of the conditioned mind, you tend to ignore this guidance. Sometimes you may not realize that the life is giving you subtle messages to choose the right path and tool in your journey of conscious growth.

Intuitions are the feelings that you get spontaneously. You feel that there is a subtle guidance system inside you that tells you what your next step should or should not be. Getting in tune with this guidance system helps tremendously in the process of change.

Ingredients for Growing Consciously

I have realized that there are some critical ingredients for developing consciously and enjoying every moment of this life. They are:

  • Faith in the power higher than yourself
  • Surrender to the power higher than you and stop resisting or fighting
  • Flowing with the process of change
  • Following your intuitions
  • Finding meaning behind difficult experiences and shifting your paradigms
  • Creatively expressing at every stage of your development. Do not wait for something to get fixed inside you. Start expressing, and you shall become aware about the process of change consciously unfolding inside you.

Dr. Sudeep Shroff
Growing Consciously

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