7 tips to remain on track while creating the life you desire

It is easy to get distracted. It is also common to get trapped in our limiting beliefs and habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and acting.

Starting out on a path  to create the life of your desire is easy. We get motivated by reading a good book or listening to an inspiring speech or watching someone doing things we want to do. This initial spark is easy to create now a days. The problem is remaining on track consistently and creating the output we truly want in our lives.

Does that sound familiar?

I have experienced it often. Of course, as I grow and learn more, the easier it is becoming for me to come back on the track. I have observed that there are some specific measures that I take (sometimes consciously  and at other times without my awareness) that puts me back on the course I have committed myself to. This random measures are becoming more identifiable and easy to apply as I get more chances to implement them.

Let’s explore:

1. Taking a break

It is very tempting to continue what you are doing even if you have a feeling inside that it is not taking you towards your goal. For example, surfing on internet for no obvious reason (just to load yourself with more information) is very tempting act to spend hours on it. You realize that it is not helping you move forward, yet you continue to do the same.

Some people feel guilty and upset after remaining trapped inside this habit. These feelings further takes you away from the resourceful feeling-states that can help you take empowered actions.

I have found that this temptation or habit can not just be broken by explaining yourself the need to break it. The fastest and the most effective way it works for me is to TAKE A BREAK. Yes, standing up from what you are doing or going out from the place where you are working is the best way to regain your power back. No explanation to yourself at that moment, but just acting on (taking a break) helps.

Slowly the power inside you re-aligns your desire with your thinking and you will be guided to take results-oriented actions.

2. Visualization can break inertia

Sometimes even after working hard and remaining on track for a long do not show you the signs of success. You feel disappointment and hopelessness during this phase of your journey. You lack energy and motivation to do anything. You stop yourself from taking any action whatsoever.

This is the time where, in my opinion, you need a pull from your desires. They are buried under the cover of negative feelings. Using creative visualization techniques is the way to come back on track. Taking time out for relaxing yourself and then visualizing the life you want ignites the passion again. You can then see beyond your current negative feelings, and possibilities start to take hold in your mind.

3. Connecting with people with similar interests and goals

Consciously connecting with the people who are after similar goals as of yours is critical. Before I get derailed from the track, I have observed that I spent time with people who do not support my aspirations or are critical of where I am headed. My this time spend with people who drain my energy and motivation precedes my derailment.

I have now realized that I unknowingly block my way by being with the people who do not share similar interests. This has been a pattern with me. Now I acknowledge the same and consciously take steps to gradually disengage from them and connect with more resourceful people.

I have prepared a list of people with whom I should connect when things are not going the way I want them to. These people can be contacted online or offline. Just giving your energy to explore  what they are doing has also helped me find my way back.

Reading about people who have really made a difference in the area of interest is one of the many and easiest way to connect with their thinking and habits.

Doing this shall bring you back on the track.

4. Use the power of letting go

It is common for all of us to get trapped by negative feeling states. While we are working towards our goal, it is usual for us to keep accumulating negative feelings from our day to day experiences.

Minor hurts and frustrations accumulate and start blocking our way. After sometime under the cover of these feelings, it becomes difficult to see our life beyond current pains.

Learning to let go of these feelings helps you come back on the path to success. You may find doing it difficult in early days, when you are learning to unwrap yourself from unproductive and disempowering states of mind. However as you stop analyzing the reasons behind those feelings, you stop enhancing their power over you.

No feelings can last a long with you unless you keep fueling them by your thoughts. So, just let them go away from you, and the obstacles disappear. You then once again see your path clearly and start moving forward.

5. Using your outcomes as feedback

We constantly evaluate the outcomes of our efforts. Sometimes we may consciously look for what we have achieved at other times the part of us (outside our awareness) keeps checking what we are creating.

This is a natural feedback system installed in all of us. It is required also for us to make necessary changes in our strategies and tactics.

The pattern that derails us is our habit of evaluating negative feedback as failures. The outcomes that are not favoring us get attached with our self-esteem. We tend to see ourselves as not capable of producing favorable outcomes.

It is obvious here to see that this pattern brings to us negative feelings that keep us trapped.

You may affirm yourself continuously that there are not failures but only feedback. If you could produce certain outcomes, you are capable of producing different more favorable outcomes if you consciously change the actions that you take.

Having this awareness only shall help reducing the time you spend out of your track.

6. Faith in the process of Life

One single and the most important tip that I can share with you is having a faith in the process of life. We are all designed to thrive and move forwards towards our purpose.

I believe strongly that the universe wants us to grow and keep going forward on the path to create the life of our desires. The opportunities are brought to us in the form of obstacles and derailment. When you go off track and have realized it, that’s the moment for new awareness to expand your consciousness.

Have faith that the process that has kept you alive and grow inside your mother’s womb is always with you to grow and help you move forward.

You may not suddenly start running on your path to success, but also you will not spend much time on a wrong track either.

7. Remain open for new ideas and be flexible in applying them

When you are not on track, you will be provided with new ideas to come back. There are many ways and patterns for people to be back on their path.

Spend less time and energy in blaming yourself and your circumstances. Instead remain open to receive new ideas that the universe has on its platter to offer you. Keep the windows of your mind open and the soil of your heart prepared for new thinking and feelings to take hold on.

It is helpful to have awareness that by acting differently from what you have done before will bring you back on track. It is always rewarding to flexibly try different ways to act and experimenting with the pattern that helps.

So, that’s it for this post. Hope this shall help others as it has helped me. If you liked it, please share it with others. It works!

Dr. Sudeep Shroff

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