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Few days back I was told by one of my clients that he had visited my blog and liked it very much. He said that he was happy to see resourceful material available here.

I felt good and I am not bragging here to impress you. What I actually want to tell you is that the client of mine ended his talk by telling me that although the posts he read were quite useful to him (providing him insights, tools and perspectives), he could not decide easily which one to read depending on what he actually needed in that moment.

He asked me to do a favor for him, so that a visitor like him, who wants to read on specific issues can easily find a relevant article. I understood what he was looking for and wanting me to do.

For any blog, this is an issue that old content gets buried as new stuff keeps on coming. This is because a blog is organized like a journal in a chronological order with the newest content at the top. There are ways to find what you are looking for using a manual search, categories search or tags search (and yes a blog design can be modified to make things more easily accessible, but that would take a long some more time for me to implement!)

However I got motivated and decided to provide my readers with a post that will guide them find what they are looking for in that moment.

The content on this site (up till now) is organized below in this article. Hope this shall help you more in making the best use of your invested time at this site.  I went back to my old posts, thought why I actually wrote them, and then categorized them based on various insights or content concepts.

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It’s a good list, so do not forget to save this article for future easy access.

The God Is Always Right

If you have any complaint against the almighty or don’t understand why bad things have happened to you or believe that you are the most unlucky one in this world, then you need to get a better perspective on this.

You may not be as unlucky as this little girl. Everything that happens to us (even if it is extremely intolerable at times) has a higher purpose for our personal growth. We may or may not be aware about it, but it exists!


“Problems are inevitable, suffering is optional”, someone has rightly said. Sometimes suffering is essential, I believe. The critical point when you are faced with any problem in life is how you look at them and what meaning you attach to them.

Overcoming Fear

If you are trapped by fear, immobilized and not able to move further in your life, there is nothing better than bringing in LOVE in that situation. It works.. 

It is more powerful to bring in LOVE than to fight to get rid of fear. I have my personal powerful experiences to share.

Uncertainty Of Life

Life is not always predictable. You are not sure what will happen in your next moment. Things are overwhelming and also difficult to handle at times when they enter into our life unexpectedly. Sometimes you don’t see the benefits of your efforts put in. During this time one critical thing to do is to keep moving forward with FAITH.

We Are Spiritually Awake Since Childhood

Do you believe that we turn towards spirituality when we get old?  Or do you believe that we exist with only physical awareness  until we get trapped in life’s problems and suffer a lot?

Just have a look at this post. My personal experience and awakening. We are born with spiritual connection and awareness, the bond is broken as we get conditioned.

Purpose of Life

This is a common quest for the most. What’s my purpose here?

I have talked about it at many places throughout this site, but this post is specifically for it. This was written in very early days of this blog. It is one of the popular posts. Worth looking into it.

The Only Real Constraint In Life Is What You Create For Yourself

If you think that you don’t have enough resources to follow your dreams or you are physically, financially or in any other way not favored by to do what you really want to do in life, this post shall give you a paradigm shift. Inspiring! A story worth sharing…

Being Yourself

I stress on being yourself. Getting rid of conditioning, finding your true-self, and then living life from that position is what I am after spreading among people. There are many posts that talk about these issues.

If you want to connect with your True Nature and creatively contribute to this world by Being Yourself, then here is the list-

Getting rid of Limiting Patterns

There are some habits (or patterns) which create obstacles for our personal growth and living life to our full potential. They result from our conditioning. You repeatedly do the same things which do not help you achieve what you want, still you continue to do expecting new results. I have explored few of them…

Living Consciously

Most of us live life without being consciously aware about what is actually happening to us. We are just driven to act (or react) as per our habits. Sometimes we live our full potential, but we don’t know how it happened and what made it happen. I encourage you to become more conscious about how you explore life. There are some articles for that:

Good Habits To Form

Some of the ways of living can trigger inside you Your True Self (a part of you- beyond your conditioned-self), help you connect with your true nature and makes things more resourceful. These are new resourceful ways of living. The more you live this way, the more productive, conscious and resourceful you become.

Parenting Insights

If you are a parent and needs some insight, go through following articles. I am parent of two wonderful kids. I love getting involved with them as I become a better person by being a better parent.

Law Of Attraction And Quantum Mechanics

If you know how quantum mechanics and the law of attraction work, or want to know more about it, you may find lots of articles and resource materials all around world wide web. I haven’t yet touch them more in this blog. Couple of posts-

Taking Actions

Nothing is going to change in your physical reality unless you take actions. I believe in taking Inspired Actions. These are not just reactions to what happens in your life and you do something. These are the concrete steps that you take as you feel inspired by connecting with your true self.

Learning From Our Day To Day Experiences

How do day to day life experiences teach you important personal growth lessons?

If you are open to receive new insights, you will be provided in your routine life. You absorb this insights and your awareness expands. Find out what I have been able to get up to this point-

So, I am excited to know what you think about this. Share your opinions and share this post…

Dr. Sudeep Shroff
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