Separation Anxiety: What To Do? (A Free Report attached)

Recently I was called by one of my parents clients and asked for an appointment. We had met around one and half year ago for their little cute daughter (around 6 years old) who could not effectively handle separation when she was sent to her school. Parents were explained and then she could manage to get adjusted with her school environment.

Now as she moved from a pre-school into her school years, the issue has once again re-surfaced. This time the severity is perceived to be more than the last time, as the school authority had called her parents and informed that she kept on crying and remembering her mother in the school. She would become alright after coming back home and would remain happy until night before going to bed when she would once again start having anxiety and would cry and ask her parents not to send her school.

Another kid that I had an opportunity to help him in the similar situation used to vomit in the school when he cried at his peak.

In my personal experience, when my son Aaryan had joined his pre-school, he also experienced separation anxiety which was more than average.

Most of us as parents know that these experiences are time-limiting and would go away as a child would continue to go to school. Yet getting overwhelmed, frustrated and tired is also a common occurrence. We are not taught to handle such situations. We may unknowingly make mistakes if if we don’t know what is appropriate for both of us (children and parents).

When you see your child crying to his or her peak, tears following on cheeks and tightly clinging to you, things become difficult to handle. The kid is really scared in this situation. Parents are perplexed and confused what to do. You may not let him separate from you for a day or two, but when you see that it is the pattern that is getting established, you worry how to fix it. You start doubting whether what you are doing is appropriate or not.

Few years back, I had prepared a small report (compilation of my understanding, suggestions and a support hand-out) that I would give to my clients for their reference. Some parents have found it to be very useful. It’s short and simple. Not at all detailed. Not at all technical. But quite useful as people have told me.

I want to share it with you too. You can download it and share with your friends and family. There is no opt-in required. You can post it wherever you feel that it will be helpful. Also your feedback is as always appreciated.

The final message in the report is worth mentioning here:

“Parenting is a skill to be developed, not a knowledge to be gathered!”

To Your Resourceful Life and Happy Parenthood,
Dr. Sudeep Shroff

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