Simplify Your Life!

Currently I am on a drive to simplify my life. It does not mean I am getting rid of all pleasures and scientific advances of our times. No way. That would be Isolation, not Simplification.

I have always been committed to grow this blog’s content and its readership, yet things are not flowing easily in this area for me. I often feel that I am pulled in different directions by different needs of mine and demands of life. Focusing is difficult for me, nowadays.

I have always remained open for new insights to emerge inside me, so that I can consciously direct the course of my life.

Simplifying life is critical for me to live my life’s purpose.

What is this?

What am I trying to say in this blog post?

Are your driven to make things complex?

Do you always feel the lack of completeness in simplifying?

In this short post, I share my thoughts on simplifying your life. No complex & logical arguments! Simply writing down whatever is coming into my awareness.

Life does not need to be complicated. In fact, it’s really not. We make it complex.

– These are well said sentences but few of us integrate the message and implement it into our day to day living.

Simplifying makes living easier. You flow rather than struggle!

Clarity improves. Intuitions enter into your awareness. You move elegantly on your path. You manifest effortlessly.

The thinking that you do in your head needs not be complex to achieve success in your life. Even if you learn to manipulate people and events by thinking complex patterns, you don’t enjoy the process. It satisfies your Ego but not the Soul. The soul needs simplicity. By simplifying, the soul performs complex tasks!

Simplifying brings awareness about your True Self. You become aware that you exist beyond this mind and body.

Your day to day work becomes easier to it get done. You get alignment with your feelings, take notes of them and your actions emerge out of this awareness.

I agree that your mind is capable of doing complex work. You don’t need to stop exercising your mind and stretching its limits. I want to say here that don’t let complexity be your habit of living!

Life secrets can be understood by simply being aware about your existence. Analyzing life does not provide you the Real Insight.

In WWW also, there are sites which are complex to navigate. It becomes difficult to learn from those pages. You get lost. On the other hand, there are websites which are simple to explore. You get easily involved in those pages, and in no time you absorb a good amount of information from them. Simplifying makes learning easier!

I appreciate Louise Hay for her simple yet every effective talks on spirituality and personal development. She uses simple words to convey her message. She explains concepts like re-incarnation, mind-body healing, law of attraction and many more in a very simple language. These are not heavy concepts to understand as told by many, instead they are simple facts of our existence.

Practice simplifying how you think about life, and see how various areas of life becomes easier for your to live with.

Using simple words and short sentences brings clarity in your message. Let’s learn to express ourselves simply, so that people don’t have to make efforts to understand what we want them to.

Have a Simple & Resourceful Life,

Dr. Sudeep Shroff




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