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You Are Not Your Problems

This is what makes some people suffer.

You have problems in your life and you keep blaming yourself for the same or you feel that you can’t be happy until your problems are solved!

Resourceful Life AudioYou Are Not Your Problems


Of course, everyone of us faces situations and circumstances in our lives which are problematic. But having problems in your life never means that you are bad or weak or unworthy.

The problems reflect the patterns you have identified with; you are not your problems!

You are beyond your problems, fundamentally. Period.

You Are Not Your Problems

Problems are created because of the learned patterns of your thinking, feeling and physical manifestations.

As you have identified with these patterns, you are trapped! You are trapped in problems and also inappropriately blaming yourself for your problems.

What’s needed is to take a step back and recall your true nature which is beyond your patterns of thinking, feeling and physical expression.

You are Pure Consciousness before anything else. Recall this fact and connect with the source.

This is the way to move beyond your current challenges and obstacles.

Dr. Sudeep Shroff
Outgrowing problems

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