Don’t Wait Too Long Before You Start Living Your True Self – Insights to begin Right Now

I have written many times about conditioning on this blog. It’s your programming of your mind that keeps you in a loop. And the loop is – You keep creating repeatedly what you actually want to avoid! Sounds familiar?

If yes, then go ahead.

In your early life, the experiences , environment and people around you contribute in creating the patterns within you which continue to play their roles in the later years of your life. This is Conditioning.

You are conditioned to repeat some patterns and live in the habitual ways manifesting similar things in life.

Even when you are living life with these patterns, something inside you truly knows that you can do beyond these patterns. If this resonates with you, then you are already awakened to take your life away from your programmed way of living.

This awareness that you are trapped in old patterns but still are capable of something beyond them is necessary before you start living your True Self.

How do you live your true self and go beyond your habitual patterns?

Sharing with you few insights which are essential in my opinion.

It’s possible and doable! It’s fulfilling and rewarding. But it doesn’t happen easily.

Move into the fog even if you don’t see the end

While you are leaving the loop that you are trapped in, you are likely to feel the pull from the loop and won’t feel comfortable moving out. That’s some people have always said about – moving out of your comfort zone. This is critical to be aware of.

You are never going to feel completely safe and secure when you are moving away from your patterns. You are leaving your habitual ways of living and entering into the unknown, so feeling unsafe, uncomfortable in the first place is quite expected.

Move into the fog even if you cannot see what’s there at the end. This is essential. You will surely have a little candle lighting the surrounding around you. Don’t wait too long before you get a big flash light!

Not necessary and has not been the case for the most who are on the path of their True Self!

You will not always have complete clarity of what you will be walking onto when you take a new path in your life.

Expecting that everything will be clear and well-thought out before you start your journey is nothing but a prescription to remain in the place where you are right now.

Faith in the process of life

Your mind wants you to be in the comfort zone. It wants to experience ‘the known’ and resists your soul’s needs to expand and go beyond into ‘the unknown’.

Your mind is not your enemy to begin with. But it prefers to be safe and helps you avoid dangers.

For the mind the ‘Known’ is safer than ‘Unknown’, even if it’s not fulfilling!

This is the time where you need to gather courage and have faith in the process of life.

Our body is made up of approximately 100 trillion cells and all of them are in perfect harmony with one another to get our daily activities done without our mind’s conscious input into it. You don’t consciously process the food that you put into your mouth. You just eat and leave it onto something ‘Big’ that orchestrates rest of the processes of digestion, absorption, circulation and then utilization at the cellular level.

It just happens!

It’s surrendering to something ‘Bigger’ than your ‘Mind’!

Having faith in this something ‘Bigger’ and then walking into ‘the fog’ even when you cannot see what’s there at the end is required for moving away from your patterns and living your True Self.

Go slow, and gradually face the discomfort

Your original patterns have their own momentum. And they are running within you for a long time. So it’s easier to jump onto them and they truly run faster than the patterns of living your True Self.

Living Your True Self begins slowly and it takes time before it builds its momentum.

So, many of you may feel that life is getting stagnant and you are not moving at the speed you thought you should be or else other people will overtake you.

This fear is also the reason why people don’t give enough time for their new emerging self to take hold onto themselves. And leave it to Conditioning.

Your True Self needs cultivation

If you have been living and manifesting your conditioned-self for many years, your True Self, although you may resonate with its calling, will not show its presence into your day to day life very soon.

It does need cultivation! And cultivation needs your attention, love and commitment.

Stop and feel the presence when needed

As soon as you realize that you are once again trapped in your habitual patterns, take a break and avoid going deeper into your patterns-trap.

You will always notice that there is a presence within you of your true self wanting to emerge and manifest.

In the midst of your habitual patterns, you align yourself with that true self. Just keep paying attention to your true self, and then wait, you will soon feel that there are two patterns simultaneously going on within yourself.

One is your habitual pattern which does have a lot of momentum and side-by-side your true self which is gradually picking up its own momentum.

Stay tuned with your True Self, and it shall start playing its music!

What helps in building the momentum for your True Self is to take actions coming from that position. Remaining aligned with your True Self, feeling inspired, and then take ‘Inspired Actions’ even though you may feel the momentum of your old patterns in the background.

So, it takes an action coming from your True Self (‘Inspired Actions’) amidst your habitual patterns to begin living your True Self!

Waiting too long for complete clarity to emerge and find everything comfortable before you start walking on the path for which you exist is the pattern to stay where you are!

Let your True Self begin showing its presence in this world. Let it blossom and contribute.

Dr. Sudeep Shroff
Living My True Self

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