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Why am I attracting accidents in my life nowadays?

For last one week, I am attracting vehicular accidents in my life! I have been driving a car for last 15-16 years but such experiences (with conscious  awareness) have never been so close to one another any time before.
In last week, it happened with me three to four times. Every time the experience was different and made me think differently. Some of you may find this funny to write or document about. But, I am feeling the need to do so.

First experience- No fault of mine (everyone thinks like that, you may say)

I was in my car at a traffic junction. The place was really a crowded one on a rainy Saturday evening. I was tired and returning from a journey of around 100 kilometers.

Suddenly I noticed that a car (bigger than mine!) came out from a nearby street and took a turn to join the cars standing at that traffic junction. There was not a much space to accommodate it besides my car, yet the driver tried to get in a narrow space.

I found him very restless. Through my closed window I waved him and asked him to wait till the traffic moves from that signal point. As he noticed that the red light turned into green, he could not wait but to accelerate his car.

As I told before, there was no space for him to go ahead and he finally scratched the side of my car.

Now I opened the windows and reacted by telling him that he was quite impatient and has created a damage to me.

There was a real blast from him! He got angry, started shouting and abusing me for no fault of mine. I saw that there was impatience, urgency, irresponsibility and lack of character with him.

I saw his wife (I assume!) sitting beside him. I could perceive that she knew what was going on with his husband but was seen as a helpless spectator (I think she might have had similar experiences many times before).

Realizing that there won’t be much achieved by getting more involved with the person who was not in his senses, I decided to move on.

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