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Is Day Dreaming Helpful?

There are different opinions about Day Dreaming. One group may say that Day Dreaming is a waste of time. People can do much more by taking actions than day dreaming. The people in other group favors the process of day dreaming. And an another third group, as in any other case, has no sure side to take.

I believe that actions are critical in creating something useful in the World we experience through our Mind. Just thinking about something can not make it happen. It can create opportunities for you, take you closure to your goals but if you don’t grab those opportunities or take some actions, you are not actually impacting the Reality you live in.

At the same time, I believe that Day Dreaming is equally important. Here I am talking about Day Dreaming as a Visualizing Process that triggers new connections inside your brain. If you want to make an impact in your Reality with something which you have not yet learned, Day Dreaming can really help you preparing your brain for the same.

What is Empowering Day Dreaming?

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