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I was amazed at his readiness

On that day my son did not go to his school because he had been feeling ill for couple of days. He was initially ambivalent about his decision. However, when we agreed with him, he felt relieved!

We then got into general conversation about what to do on that day. We explored his book about the space. He tried to memorize the names of our planets. Then he suddenly asked,

“Pappa, what is there above the space?”

The preposition ‘above’ made me curious & confused. I sought clarification by asking,

“what do you mean by ‘above’? There is not ‘above’ but the concepts of ‘all around’ as the earth is a sphere.”

He clarified that he was curious to know what was there beyond the blue sky that we could see outside his bedroom’s window.

I explained that the universe is made up of many galaxies, out solar system & many other things ( Iactually did not have an idea how to explain  about those other things to that five and a half years old curious kid).

I looked at his face. I felt that he was exploring in his mind something very serious and deep. He asked,

“Pappa, what happens when we die?!”

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Purpose of life

Today, after a gap of a week, I am back to posting an article to this site. For one week, I worked on some technical aspects of this and my other blogs. I tried to write a post two to three times in between, but could not post as I did not find myself congruent with what I wanted to say.

I face difficulties in finding words and phrases that appropriately convey my intentions and meanings. I am sure that this shall also pass as I am presently living my life more congruently than before, so I shall also learn about more congruent ways of expressing my ideas. It has been a common experience with me ( I hope I am not alone!) that I write a paragraph and realize that this is not actually what I want to say. So, I have to rewrite it again. Now, I have decided that I need to keep on posting more articles and in the process, it shall improve.

Today’s topic has always been in mind since I first decided to write about personal development.I believe that for most of us, the journey of personal growth begins when we seriously consider this question: What is the purpose of my life? When I asked myself this for the first time, a second curious question popped up inside my mind- What is life? I intend to share my insights about this issue in this post.

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