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What A Laptop Bag Can Teach You About Personal Development

We get used to live in our habitual patterns. Solutions to our problems may be nearer, yet we don’t easily find them. We get so much used to our patterns that we do not see the answers around.

Let me give you an example that may make things clear to you.

I have been using the same laptop and its bag for last three years. The software inside are updated and both (the laptop and its bag) have become an integral part of my life. I carry them with me every day to my workplace and bring them back home in the evening.

It was on that day that I realized a pattern of mine which I was never aware about anytime before. I never opened my laptop bag to its full possible opened-state. What I mean by this can be easily understood if you look at the photographs below. Continue Reading →

How To Go From An Idea to A Reality

An Idea is like a seed;
A Reality is its fruit!

Quantum Leap And Ideas

Yes you can take a quantum leap in your ideas immediately. It may bring to you a new perspective to look at life events. It also brings to you a new possibility for your life. But, the process of Creating just begins from that point.

Taking a quantum leap in your awareness does not require a linear process. You can conceive anything at anytime you want, even if that way of thinking is very remote for you. Being conscious about this new idea or insight is where the process of creating begins. Persisting in that state of yourself and acting from that position will then turn ideas into your reality.

I had many quantum leaps in my perception and awareness. In a moment, I felt that I had grown up more years. Those are the ‘Aha’ moments. You feel excited about the possibility you can create.

From ‘Aha’ moments to Actions Steps

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