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How To Overcome Perfectionism

Perfectionism is one of the many ways people  sabotage manifestation of their  desires.

People who have this attitude appear masters in the eyes of others but are always short of the outcomes in their own eyes.

These people continue to strive with the assumption that one day they will achieve the best. In reality this is the Never-Ending struggle.

This is a way of protecting the pain of Unworthy Schema. This schema is a deep-rooted belief that has been installed inside you since your early childhood. The person who holds this belief unconsciously believes that he is fundamentally unworthy and inadequate. The person grabs onto this belief structure due to his experiences with his or her parents, early care-givers and surrounding environment.

You are made to believe by your mind that you are on the Right path as you are working towards achieving perfection and one day you will achive your goals, but the process of goal-achievement does not work this way.

The other problem in this pattern is that You don’t look at those positive responses and feedback that other people give to you. You are programmed to work to achieve the highest possible level of outcome that your mind decides to have. The problem is that you fail to realize that the mind keeps on increasing the target as you achieve the previous one. Continue Reading →

How To Befriend With The Critic Inside You!

For a perfectionist like me, getting in terms with the Internal Critic was very difficult initially. For many years, I was not aware about its existence! I did not realize that my choices in life were determined by the Internal Critic.

Who is this Internal Critic that I am talking about?

We have our own internal voice that keeps check on what we do and how we do anything in life. Yes, it’s a part of our Conditioned Mind. (yes, this is very abstract! 🙂

If it is not there, it is also not desirable. It’s because, then you won’t have a part of you assessing your performance and guiding you based on the feedback you get.

As we know that the feedback and opinions given by others about our performance can really be helpful, provided they are unbiased and intended for helping and growing. The same way the feedback and criticism that this so-called Internal Critic provides us can be beneficial in our journey called life.

For some (like me), the Internal Critic is over-critical and biased. This bias exists because of our early life experiences. The mind is conditioned in such a way that the Critic finds faults with you and your life most of the time. Appreciating your work and yourself is a rare event in this scenario! Continue Reading →