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Purpose of life

Today, after a gap of a week, I am back to posting an article to this site. For one week, I worked on some technical aspects of this and my other blogs. I tried to write a post two to three times in between, but could not post as I did not find myself congruent with what I wanted to say.

I face difficulties in finding words and phrases that appropriately convey my intentions and meanings. I am sure that this shall also pass as I am presently living my life more congruently than before, so I shall also learn about more congruent ways of expressing my ideas. It has been a common experience with me ( I hope I am not alone!) that I write a paragraph and realize that this is not actually what I want to say. So, I have to rewrite it again. Now, I have decided that I need to keep on posting more articles and in the process, it shall improve.

Today’s topic has always been in mind since I first decided to write about personal development.I believe that for most of us, the journey of personal growth begins when we seriously consider this question: What is the purpose of my life? When I asked myself this for the first time, a second curious question popped up inside my mind- What is life? I intend to share my insights about this issue in this post.

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