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Are You Ready To Embrace The Shift In Your Awareness?

One of the critical concepts in Personal Development is to be aware about the fact, that you may be exposed to  various resources in your life at different times, but it is possible that you may not be ready for the same at that time! This means that you will come across various tools that can take your life to a higher level, but you may not recognize or see the value inside them, until you are ready for it.

The universe is full of information and energy. Actually, it is nothing but Information and Energy! Whatever you are looking for or want to have in your life, already exists.  Either someone has manifested it already or it exists in the pure potential form. You are not required to hunt for it. It just exists. The only thing required is to get ready for it!

When it is in the pure potential form, it means that the possibility of its manifestation is already there, but not yet realized! When someone like you taps into that possibility it becomes the reality in the physical world.


Whatever you need for your personal growth and development, already exists! Either manifested or in the pure potential form!

With this fact said, it is also important to keep in mind that in your life you may come across various people, events, tools and other resources that you can use to enhance your life. They are the tools that you need to use to reach to a new level of awareness. Yet, it is possible that,

You may not realize their usefulness and value until you are ready for them!

Yes, this is true in my opinion, and I have experienced it many times.

My Experience

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What Do I Know About Newtonian Mechanics Vs Quantum Mechanics Perspectives?

During my journey of personal development, I have gone through various stages of learning. At every stage, I had exposure to different kind of information (self-help or psychotherapeutic material), and unique insights and awareness continued to develop inside me as I explored them.

The reality at smaller scales of existence

One of the concepts that you may come across, when you dive deeper into understanding how the universe works, and what is your role here on this planet during this lifetime, is the concept of Quantum Mechanics. It is the reality at a very smaller scale of existence (atoms and subatomic particles). We all are made up of atoms, so finally the concept applies to us as individuals too.

We are all familiar with the way the Universe is organized and how it works. For most of us, the understanding stems from our school education, and mostly it originates in the Newtonian Mechanics Perspective of how everything around us is structured. It is also called Classical Physics Perspective.

I am not a physicist. I had my learning more in biology as I chose medical profession as my primary career. I am sharing with you my understanding and perspectives. It has helped me a lot, and I know that it shall help you too in your journey on this planet (Want to dive deeper into the technical aspects of this subject… here is the Wikipedia Link).

How we understand the world around us affects the way we look at the life in general


Our worldview and therefore most of our philosophy of life is based on some fundamental concepts that emerge from the way we have understood about the world around and inside us. We may not be consciously aware about it, but for sure we have learned to understand and form concepts about how the universe works.

This understanding gives us the perspectives (our individual filters) through which we make sense of the people, events and circumstances of our lives.

What does the Newtonian Mechanics Perspective tell us?

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