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Do You Sometimes Go Blank?

Changing one’s habitual way of living becomes tough if your Mind resists the change too much. You may have willingness to change, but the Mind may not support you easily in the process.

I have seen this pattern with my clients and also with me at times. We (to be specific, our Mind) seek permanence. We are used to the way we live (even though the current way of living is not supporting us). Changing it may not be comfortable for our mind. We may go blank during this time! We feel that our mind is jammed. Some may feel extremely tired even though they have not done any major physical or mental work. You may not get any new ideas or may not understand what is going on with and around you.

This feeling state prevents you from progressing in the right direction. You may be attempting to act against your habitual way of acting, but the mind may not go with you. It will go blank and you may feel alienated for sometime.

Reasons for Going Blank

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Have You Read This In Times Of India?


We need information that triggers inside us our dormant potential. We constantly look for that information. What we look for, we find it in our environment.

For last few days, life was going tough. Somehow my consciousness was clouded with negative expectations and was vibrating at a frequency that was not taking me closer to the life I always wanted. Unknowingly, I think, I was trapped with emotional turmoil and resisting the experience that was unfolding inside me.

Then, today, I came across this article in Times of India. It is written in a simple, short paragraphs telling various aspects of how life can be turned into a Good Life. I found that article very timely for me to change my perspective. I knew things but was not implementing them!

The article also quotes some well-known persons who share their understanding about how to make your life good. To name few of them are Deepak Chopra, Pritish Nandy, Shobhaa De, Chetan Bhagat and others.

The good thing about the article is that it covers almost all the most important ingredients to make life good and resourceful. I want to add words to some of those. These I have found very much related to my own life and learning.

Importance of Sleep

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