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Every Stroke Of Yours Matters. Never underestimate what you are creating.

Why are we afraid of taking inadequate or ill-defined or not-very–polished steps?

In reality, we learn by taking steps and making mistakes before we can create anything productive or beautiful. Just think about your childhood drawings.

Did you ever know what you were creating before you started putting lines on a canvas?

It was just your curiosity that inspired you. It was just you saw other people doing things and wanted to add your strokes too.

Where do we lose that curiosity and our instinct to follow through?

As we grow adults and get conditioned with social norms and expectations, we tend to lose this part of ourselves. The part which is not afraid of taking steps with curiosity, enjoyment of the process and learning from our results.

I look at my kids and they inspire me in this regard. Continue Reading →

Taking Inspired Actions For Creating A Resourceful Life

Taking actions are important in life to influence the Life. This is very easy to grasp for the most, but difficult to implement.

Why is it like that?

Why is it that you can grasp it easily, but when it comes to implementation, it is not that easy to do…

I have experienced that taking actions improves my vision. In life, you may not always be able to see things upto their ends. So waiting for things to clear in front of your Mind’s eyes, and then take steps is the prescription to wait for ever.

Procrastinating Lifestyle and Immobilized Mindset

When we have dreams, actions are the next steps to make them a Reality. We know that. Initially you may take actions to make them happen, but to persist requires a different mindset to adopt.

We need feedback for our actions. We need to see that the steps that we take are taking us closer to our goals. When you see that things are not moving forward, it is common for us to get frustrated. Most of us leave at this point. We lose faith in the process and change the course of our life.

How can I know that the actions I am taking are the correct ones that will take me to my goals?

When frustration takes over us, we tend to discard all our efforts as useless. We then become over-critical of what we do. We then need to be very sure before we start taking steps! This is the beginning of our Procrastinating Lifestyle. Continue Reading →