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A Conversation That Can Awaken You To Your True Self

Dad Who Am I

A curious boy once asked his dad,

“Dad, who am I?

The dad little perplexed and puzzled by his son’s sudden question of this nature replied gently,

“You are my son!”

The son was little uneasy and asked again,

“No, no. Who am I dad, actually?

This time the dad replied immediately,

“You are who you look like dear. You are my handsome son!”

The son then said,

“You mean to say that I am what I look like. I am my this body! Really?” Continue Reading →

Don’t Wait Too Long Before You Start Living Your True Self – Insights to begin Right Now

I have written many times about conditioning on this blog. It’s your programming of your mind that keeps you in a loop. And the loop is – You keep creating repeatedly what you actually want to avoid! Sounds familiar?

If yes, then go ahead.

In your early life, the experiences , environment and people around you contribute in creating the patterns within you which continue to play their roles in the later years of your life. This is Conditioning.

You are conditioned to repeat some patterns and live in the habitual ways manifesting similar things in life.

Even when you are living life with these patterns, something inside you truly knows that you can do beyond these patterns. If this resonates with you, then you are already awakened to take your life away from your programmed way of living.

This awareness that you are trapped in old patterns but still are capable of something beyond them is necessary before you start living your True Self.

How do you live your true self and go beyond your habitual patterns? Continue Reading →

Living Your True-self


We are given our identity by the people around us since we are born. We are identified by our parents, place of birth, the culture we are born in and by our physical appearance. The questions that I always ask to myself  are:

who was Ibefore I received this identity?

How was I identified then?

Did I really have some some identity before this?

Did I really exist before this?

Thniking becomes more metaphysical when you dive into this kind of exploration. For some, it may be anxiety provoking. Yes, it is, because you dive into the pool of uncertainty! People tend to avoid it due to  the fear of getting lost.

I intend to make things simple here. I have written before about it in my post- Find And Live Your True-self.  I am sure that this post shall bring some more clarity to this.

The person whom I admire much, Dr. Wayne Dyer says things in an easy to understand way in this matter. He tells that,

the problem starts when we over-identify with our Ego-self (the self that we learn to be ourself since we are born) and forget about our True Nature.

He asks us to think about how gracefully we were taken care of when we were inside our mothers’ womb. We get into the ‘form’ from ‘non-form’ and grows at the speed and on the path designed by some mysterious power. We just surrender ourselves to the process and let it happen. We stop surrendering when we grow up!

The medical science is also fascinated by the process of our intra-uterine journey- the time from conception to birth! At a precise moment we come into ‘being‘ and  then live on this planet for decades.
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