Taking Inspired Actions For Creating A Resourceful Life

Taking actions are important in life to influence the Life. This is very easy to grasp for the most, but difficult to implement.

Why is it like that?

Why is it that you can grasp it easily, but when it comes to implementation, it is not that easy to do…

I have experienced that taking actions improves my vision. In life, you may not always be able to see things upto their ends. So waiting for things to clear in front of your Mind’s eyes, and then take steps is the prescription to wait for ever.

Procrastinating Lifestyle and Immobilized Mindset

When we have dreams, actions are the next steps to make them a Reality. We know that. Initially you may take actions to make them happen, but to persist requires a different mindset to adopt.

We need feedback for our actions. We need to see that the steps that we take are taking us closer to our goals. When you see that things are not moving forward, it is common for us to get frustrated. Most of us leave at this point. We lose faith in the process and change the course of our life.

How can I know that the actions I am taking are the correct ones that will take me to my goals?

When frustration takes over us, we tend to discard all our efforts as useless. We then become over-critical of what we do. We then need to be very sure before we start taking steps! This is the beginning of our Procrastinating Lifestyle.

We avoid taking even baby-steps as we are over-critical about their outcomes.

What if my actions won’t take me closer to my goals?

Won’t it be a waste of time?

This -being over-critical of our actions- paralyses us from moving forward. This is the Immobilized Mindset. We don’t act, instead spend time in figuring out what can be the best course of actions.

Are You Taking Inspired Actions?

In my opinion, the best way to avoid this trap is to adopt the Inspired Actions Mindset.

If you are after creating a life of your desires, you may not know everything from the beginning. You may never find the Perfect Roadmap that can take you to your destination. I think Life is not made like that.

Life brings to us circumstances and events that trigger inside us our dormant potential. So, obstacles in whatever action course you take are essential ingredients for our growth. We are required to be conscious about this trigger and then move forward in the Unknown.

So Inspired Actions Mindset is all about feeling inspired and then taking actions with a mountain-moving faith that these steps are helping me grow and create the Life I desire. You are not afraid of failures while you take actions. But, for sure, you are prepared to embrace whatever feedback you get from the actions you take.

The steps that you start with Inspired Actions Mindset are not the sure actions-package that finally results in your desired outcome. You are still required to have flexibility and adaptability to make necessary changes. But let me tell you that you may not be feeling much discouraged if you have begun your steps, in the first place, under the state of inspiration; not under frustration.

I have found that when I take actions with the Inspired Actions Mindset, I always move closer to my goals. Even though sometimes those actions may not objectively take me closer to my goals, I end up getting new Insights and my Awareness expands to a higher level.

Being immobilized and waiting for a clear set of actions that lead you to your goals is no way helping you. It keeps you waiting for ever and you tend to feel more discouraged as time passes. It is the option for clouding you awareness with limiting feelings and thinking patterns.

I now KNOW that if I don’t find any clue what to do to move forward, I decide to get into the Inspired Action Mindset and then just ACT.

How to get into the Inspired Actions Mindset?

When feeling low and clueless, take some time out in a quiet place. Take deep breaths. Visualize your desires manifested right now in this moment. Get involved in the scene and feel the experience as a first person. Include all your senses in the experience.

Be in this state for a while. If you are open to receive intuitive insights, you will get to know what actions to take for your visualization to turn into a Reality.

Take notes of these action ideas. Don’t let logic of your Mind judge its validity. Just take few steps, see whether you are enjoying the process or not. If you find taking actions satisfying and rewarding, keep doing them.

Be aware about the feedback you get while you are creating. Make necessary changes and adapt accordingly.

I have found this process very useful for moving forward towards my goals. I hope that it shall help you too. With this intention I am sharing it in this post.

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Dr. Sudeep Shroff
Taking Inspired Actions

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  1. Baton Rouge Therapists December 13, 2010 at 11:24 am #

    Thanks for this post. As a therapist in private practice, I appreciate this.

  2. sudeepshroff December 14, 2010 at 1:20 pm #

    You are welcome. I thank you for your appreciation.