The Power Is With You!


Life gets unfair.

Things are not in my favour.

Peole are not helpful. People are after me.

The circumstances are not allowing myself to fulfill my desires.

These are the thoughts that go through our minds sometimes. For some, this may be a regular way of thinking.

How do we handle this?

The experience is not what happens to us but rather it is what we perceive as what is happening to us.

This is said by many in different ways. The conclusion is:

It is the perception not the events that creates our experiences.

We can learn to choose what we perceive. We need to train ourselves how we process what happens to us. And this applies to all areas of life.

Events don’t create feelings

It is not true that events by themselves create feelings and our behaviours. Yes, it is true that our state of mind determines our actions. But, the state of mind is the result of our perception of what is happening to us at a given moment.

How we process information is a habit

Our perception is created by the way we process information. This processing is a habit! We process our outside world, make conclusion and start feeeling and acting before we can consciously make decision to process. This is learned over years. The foundations are laid by the fundamental beliefs we have about ourselves, people in general and the world around us.

We are not conscious about how we process information

It seems that the events outside our control have control over us! It is because the process of responding is outsiide our conscious portion of mind and happens quickly. In other words, we have not learned to become conscious of how we process it.

This does not mean that Life is always goodie-goodie for all of us all the time. The accidents and the tragedies we come across are Real Events that create pain. However, the power is with us to decide how long we want to spend time with that pain! We can learn not to get stuck with the pain and feel paralysed for a long period of time.

The solution is there. The path to freedom is available. Getting out of this trap that our mind creates is possible.

Pain is not bad

I have observed with myself that the pain is not bad! It is natural for you to get hurt or have feelings of loss. It is also natural to feel frustrated and getting angry when things do not go as you want them.

The power to overcome those situations is with You!

The Power is with You to heal!

It is natural for our body to get healed

I am amazed at how our body has the power to heal the wound. If we acknowledge the injury, take care of it for not getting infected by other organisms, take time to rest; then the body heals by itself. It is natural to get healed!

For mind, healing starts with acknowleding Pain

The same is true for our Minds. I think, like our body, with our minds also, healing starts with the acknowledgement of Pain! Denial and Blame are the two defences that we use to give our Power away. We can not heal and experience our power if we do not acknowledge the pain or blame others or circumstances for our experience.

I have experienced myself and seen with my clients that Denial of your feelings stops you from moving forward. It creates a Loop to get stuck at the same place.

Create a belief and affirm the power with you

I do not want to give any impression here that there are no difficult people or events to handle. Ofcourse, they are. I am suggesting you not to give Power to Create Your Experiences in someone else’s hands or to the events that you can not control.

I am guiding you to create a Belief that

What I Experience Is My Perception Of What Happens to Me. I can learn to Choose my Perception, and therefore My Experience. The Power is With Me!

I suggest you to choose The Perception that gives your event The Meaning that empowers you.

Final Message

Accepting what event has taken place and how you feel about it, with the awareness that my current experience is the result of my perception and I can choose The Meaning that I give to this event, is The First step towards using the Power with You.

P.S. – The drawing above was made by my son, Aaryan. Thanks to him for adding value to this post.


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