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A Conversation That Can Awaken You To Your True Self

Dad Who Am I

A curious boy once asked his dad,

“Dad, who am I?

The dad little perplexed and puzzled by his son’s sudden question of this nature replied gently,

“You are my son!”

The son was little uneasy and asked again,

“No, no. Who am I dad, actually?

This time the dad replied immediately,

“You are who you look like dear. You are my handsome son!”

The son then said,

“You mean to say that I am what I look like.¬†I am my this body! Really?” Continue Reading →

Every Stroke Of Yours Matters. Never underestimate what you are creating.

Why are we afraid of taking inadequate or ill-defined or not-very–polished steps?

In reality, we learn by taking steps and making mistakes before we can create anything productive or beautiful. Just think about your childhood drawings.

Did you ever know what you were creating before you started putting lines on a canvas?

It was just your curiosity that inspired you. It was just you saw other people doing things and wanted to add your strokes too.

Where do we lose that curiosity and our instinct to follow through?

As we grow adults and get conditioned with social norms and expectations, we tend to lose this part of ourselves. The part which is not afraid of taking steps with curiosity, enjoyment of the process and learning from our results.

I look at my kids and they inspire me in this regard. Continue Reading →

Separation Anxiety: What To Do? (A Free Report attached)

Recently I was called by one of my parents clients and asked for an appointment. We had met around one and half year ago for their little cute daughter (around 6 years old) who could not effectively handle separation when she was sent to her school. Parents were explained and then she could manage to get adjusted with her school environment.

Now as she moved from a pre-school into her school years, the issue has once again re-surfaced. This time the severity is perceived to be more than the last time, as the school authority had called her parents and informed that she kept on crying and remembering her mother in the school. She would become alright after coming back home and would remain happy until night before going to bed when she would once again start having anxiety and would cry and ask her parents not to send her school.

Another kid that I had an opportunity to help him in the similar situation used to vomit in the school when he cried at his peak.

In my personal experience, when my son Aaryan had joined his pre-school, he also experienced separation anxiety which was more than average. Continue Reading →

Pareto’s Principle: 80/20 applied to Parenting

I have come across this principle when I read a blogpost by Yaro Starak on this subject. I might have heard about it before but did not have much influence on me.

Yaro is a strong believer and a real life applier of this principle.Another book that I am currently reading also mentions about it. It is by Timothy Ferris and titled as The 4-Hour Workweek.

I have now seen many articles on this subject and its application in the fields of Business, Productivity and Finance. I now notice the same working in my life too and I started learning to apply it to most of my activities. It does take efforts decondition yourself from old learning but yes if done, that is really useful.

What is this 80/20 stuff?

If you are unaware about this principle, have a short look below at its definition from Wikipedia. I won’t be describing it in detail here as I intend to write about my experience about it in parenting.

Taken from Wikipedia:

The Pareto principle (also known as the 80-20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.


It states in conclusion (very simple ofcourse!) that the 80% of our outcomes in any activity comes from 20% of our efforts. What has been very striking realization for me is that 80% of world’s wealth is controlld by 20% of people.

80/20 in parenting Continue Reading →

I was amazed at his readiness

On that day my son did not go to his school because he had been feeling ill for couple of days. He was initially ambivalent about his decision. However, when we agreed with him, he felt relieved!

We then got into general conversation about what to do on that day. We explored his book about the space. He tried to memorize the names of our planets. Then he suddenly asked,

“Pappa, what is there above the space?”

The preposition ‘above’ made me curious & confused. I sought clarification by asking,

“what do you mean by ‘above’? There is not ‘above’ but the concepts of ‘all around’ as the earth is a sphere.”

He clarified that he was curious to know what was there beyond the blue sky that we could see outside his bedroom’s window.

I explained that the universe is made up of many galaxies, out solar system & many other things ( Iactually did not have an idea how to explain  about those other things to that five and a half years old curious kid).

I looked at his face. I felt that he was exploring in his mind something very serious and deep. He asked,

“Pappa, what happens when we die?!”

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Being a parent

When my wife first gave me the news that she was pregnant, I felt that I was not ready to be a father. This is true! I thought that I was not responsible enought at that time to be a father.

My wife was happy and excited. I had doubts about my abilities to raise a child.

Somehow my wife motivated me and I was ready to accept the fact that someone was coming into our world. He would call me ‘father’ and would learn the lessons of life from me! I had entered into a new stage of life.

From that moment onwards, I had decided to become a committed parent.

I shall be adding more posts to this category gradually. However, today I am posting here an article that I had written for my child’s school magazine. This was written around one and a half year before this date. It suddenly popped up into my mind today morning. I feel that it is worth sharing. Please note that the ideas in the article are the thoughts and feelings of mine and are eighteen months older. After that, I have grown up in this area and I shall be adding my current experiences and insgihts too in coming posts.

So please read further and comment: (if you find that it is too long, please have patience. Just read on; if you are a committed parent, you shall find important insights from it. You may also notice a diffenrence in my writing style then and now.) Continue Reading →