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Are You Ready To Embrace The Shift In Your Awareness?

One of the critical concepts in Personal Development is to be aware about the fact, that you may be exposed to  various resources in your life at different times, but it is possible that you may not be ready for the same at that time! This means that you will come across various tools that can take your life to a higher level, but you may not recognize or see the value inside them, until you are ready for it.

The universe is full of information and energy. Actually, it is nothing but Information and Energy! Whatever you are looking for or want to have in your life, already exists.  Either someone has manifested it already or it exists in the pure potential form. You are not required to hunt for it. It just exists. The only thing required is to get ready for it!

When it is in the pure potential form, it means that the possibility of its manifestation is already there, but not yet realized! When someone like you taps into that possibility it becomes the reality in the physical world.


Whatever you need for your personal growth and development, already exists! Either manifested or in the pure potential form!

With this fact said, it is also important to keep in mind that in your life you may come across various people, events, tools and other resources that you can use to enhance your life. They are the tools that you need to use to reach to a new level of awareness. Yet, it is possible that,

You may not realize their usefulness and value until you are ready for them!

Yes, this is true in my opinion, and I have experienced it many times.

My Experience

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What Do I Know About Newtonian Mechanics Vs Quantum Mechanics Perspectives?

During my journey of personal development, I have gone through various stages of learning. At every stage, I had exposure to different kind of information (self-help or psychotherapeutic material), and unique insights and awareness continued to develop inside me as I explored them.

The reality at smaller scales of existence

One of the concepts that you may come across, when you dive deeper into understanding how the universe works, and what is your role here on this planet during this lifetime, is the concept of Quantum Mechanics. It is the reality at a very smaller scale of existence (atoms and subatomic particles). We all are made up of atoms, so finally the concept applies to us as individuals too.

We are all familiar with the way the Universe is organized and how it works. For most of us, the understanding stems from our school education, and mostly it originates in the Newtonian Mechanics Perspective of how everything around us is structured. It is also called Classical Physics Perspective.

I am not a physicist. I had my learning more in biology as I chose medical profession as my primary career. I am sharing with you my understanding and perspectives. It has helped me a lot, and I know that it shall help you too in your journey on this planet (Want to dive deeper into the technical aspects of this subject… here is the Wikipedia Link).

How we understand the world around us affects the way we look at the life in general


Our worldview and therefore most of our philosophy of life is based on some fundamental concepts that emerge from the way we have understood about the world around and inside us. We may not be consciously aware about it, but for sure we have learned to understand and form concepts about how the universe works.

This understanding gives us the perspectives (our individual filters) through which we make sense of the people, events and circumstances of our lives.

What does the Newtonian Mechanics Perspective tell us?

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What Do You Think About The Problems In Your Life

Difficulties are opportunities to better things; they are stepping-stones to greater experience. Perhaps someday you will be thankful for some temporary failure in a particular direction. When one door closes, another always opens. (Source: Unknown. Tell me if you know.)

If you have read my previous posts, one theme should easily be seen all over various articles I have written. This is the common theme that goes on inside my head all the time, when I think or write about any personal development article.

This is where I think everything finally comes down to, when it is about any affair related to personal development. We are born with the ability to grow and develop naturally provided we are not conditioned to act otherwise.

I understand now that-

You are required to get conditioned in a specific way, so that you come across specific people and life circumstances in your life, so you grow later on in a specific way and fulfill your purpose of life; if you are conscious about the process.

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Personal Development With Conscious Awareness

The journey of personal development is unique for every individual. We all grow and develop at our own pace. The triggers for periods of accelerated growth in our lives are also unique for everyone of us. For many, this process is unconscious; only few are consciously aware about their development.

Developing Consciously has many advantages.

You are aware about what’s going on with you. You can relate with what has triggered the process and what has catalyzed it. You are aware about where you were and now where you are heading towards. Your learning that you gained in the process of Conscious Development can be applied to help others find their own ways in their lives

How can you grow and develop consciously?

Growth and development are inevitable processes whether you are consciously aware about it or it’s just happening to you. That is for which you are incarnate in this self! Your spirit is always seeking experiences that can help you learn new lessons, form new perspectives and manifest at newer levels.

Those who find that life is boring need to check with themselves at what pace and in what direction the change is happening with them. Life can be frustrating or exciting, but not boring, if you are constantly experiencing change! For those who flow with the process of change, it’s exciting. And for those who resist the change, it becomes frustrating. Continue Reading →

Living Your True-self


We are given our identity by the people around us since we are born. We are identified by our parents, place of birth, the culture we are born in and by our physical appearance. The questions that I always ask to myself  are:

who was Ibefore I received this identity?

How was I identified then?

Did I really have some some identity before this?

Did I really exist before this?

Thniking becomes more metaphysical when you dive into this kind of exploration. For some, it may be anxiety provoking. Yes, it is, because you dive into the pool of uncertainty! People tend to avoid it due to  the fear of getting lost.

I intend to make things simple here. I have written before about it in my post- Find And Live Your True-self.  I am sure that this post shall bring some more clarity to this.

The person whom I admire much, Dr. Wayne Dyer says things in an easy to understand way in this matter. He tells that,

the problem starts when we over-identify with our Ego-self (the self that we learn to be ourself since we are born) and forget about our True Nature.

He asks us to think about how gracefully we were taken care of when we were inside our mothers’ womb. We get into the ‘form’ from ‘non-form’ and grows at the speed and on the path designed by some mysterious power. We just surrender ourselves to the process and let it happen. We stop surrendering when we grow up!

The medical science is also fascinated by the process of our intra-uterine journey- the time from conception to birth! At a precise moment we come into ‘being‘ and  then live on this planet for decades.
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How To Overcome Perfectionism

Perfectionism is one of the many ways people  sabotage manifestation of their  desires.

People who have this attitude appear masters in the eyes of others but are always short of the outcomes in their own eyes.

These people continue to strive with the assumption that one day they will achieve the best. In reality this is the Never-Ending struggle.

This is a way of protecting the pain of Unworthy Schema. This schema is a deep-rooted belief that has been installed inside you since your early childhood. The person who holds this belief unconsciously believes that he is fundamentally unworthy and inadequate. The person grabs onto this belief structure due to his experiences with his or her parents, early care-givers and surrounding environment.

You are made to believe by your mind that you are on the Right path as you are working towards achieving perfection and one day you will achive your goals, but the process of goal-achievement does not work this way.

The other problem in this pattern is that You don’t look at those positive responses and feedback that other people give to you. You are programmed to work to achieve the highest possible level of outcome that your mind decides to have. The problem is that you fail to realize that the mind keeps on increasing the target as you achieve the previous one. Continue Reading →

Are You Trapped In A Habit Of Blaming?

Let me begin by asking you few questions. Pay attention to what your heart says about them. Be honest and then explore further.

Are you trapped in the Blaming Habit?

How do you react when things don’t go in the way you want them to?

Do you take responsibility and be accountable for your action steps?

What do you do when someone finds a fault with you?

What reasons do you have for your life not going in the way you want it to?

You may know that you are not living your full potential!

Life does not always go as we want it to. We all know that. You may not always be happy with the events and circumstances of your life. You may sometimes feel that you are not living your full potential.

You realize that you can express yourself in a more creative way but are not doing so. You know that the life you desire is not what you are currently living. You know you are capable of more but not taking that self of yours out.

It is very easy to blame others

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Do You Sometimes Go Blank?

Changing one’s habitual way of living becomes tough if your Mind resists the change too much. You may have willingness to change, but the Mind may not support you easily in the process.

I have seen this pattern with my clients and also with me at times. We (to be specific, our Mind) seek permanence. We are used to the way we live (even though the current way of living is not supporting us). Changing it may not be comfortable for our mind. We may go blank during this time! We feel that our mind is jammed. Some may feel extremely tired even though they have not done any major physical or mental work. You may not get any new ideas or may not understand what is going on with and around you.

This feeling state prevents you from progressing in the right direction. You may be attempting to act against your habitual way of acting, but the mind may not go with you. It will go blank and you may feel alienated for sometime.

Reasons for Going Blank

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Have You Read This In Times Of India?


We need information that triggers inside us our dormant potential. We constantly look for that information. What we look for, we find it in our environment.

For last few days, life was going tough. Somehow my consciousness was clouded with negative expectations and was vibrating at a frequency that was not taking me closer to the life I always wanted. Unknowingly, I think, I was trapped with emotional turmoil and resisting the experience that was unfolding inside me.

Then, today, I came across this article in Times of India. It is written in a simple, short paragraphs telling various aspects of how life can be turned into a Good Life. I found that article very timely for me to change my perspective. I knew things but was not implementing them!

The article also quotes some well-known persons who share their understanding about how to make your life good. To name few of them are Deepak Chopra, Pritish Nandy, Shobhaa De, Chetan Bhagat and others.

The good thing about the article is that it covers almost all the most important ingredients to make life good and resourceful. I want to add words to some of those. These I have found very much related to my own life and learning.

Importance of Sleep

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How To Go From An Idea to A Reality

An Idea is like a seed;
A Reality is its fruit!

Quantum Leap And Ideas

Yes you can take a quantum leap in your ideas immediately. It may bring to you a new perspective to look at life events. It also brings to you a new possibility for your life. But, the process of Creating just begins from that point.

Taking a quantum leap in your awareness does not require a linear process. You can conceive anything at anytime you want, even if that way of thinking is very remote for you. Being conscious about this new idea or insight is where the process of creating begins. Persisting in that state of yourself and acting from that position will then turn ideas into your reality.

I had many quantum leaps in my perception and awareness. In a moment, I felt that I had grown up more years. Those are the ‘Aha’ moments. You feel excited about the possibility you can create.

From ‘Aha’ moments to Actions Steps

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