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Being Conscious in Nurturing Relationships

Nurture Relationships

A 56 years old male had come to me a couple of weeks ago. A tall man with a long beard, a heavy body and a big face. Really intimidating at a first visit.

He told me that he was not able to sleep well at night, and would get intense dreams disturbing him. He was feeling agitated most of the day, and could not concentrate at all at his work.

Sometimes he would feel a kind of heaviness on his chest, and also had episodes of feeling short of his breaths.

I was listening to his complaints patiently and was interested to know more. I empathized with his feelings and said that I could understand his discomfort and pain.

Suddenly he started crying  profusely.  A big-sized man was crying like a child in front of me. The emotional pain was truly unbearable; that was very clear to me.

Tears were running down his cheeks, he was sobbing uncontrollably, and then in a need to feel more comfort he then hugged his wife who was sitting besides him. Still he could not stop his crying or may be he was feeling better while crying, and so he just let tears flow. Continue Reading →

Separation Anxiety: What To Do? (A Free Report attached)

Recently I was called by one of my parents clients and asked for an appointment. We had met around one and half year ago for their little cute daughter (around 6 years old) who could not effectively handle separation when she was sent to her school. Parents were explained and then she could manage to get adjusted with her school environment.

Now as she moved from a pre-school into her school years, the issue has once again re-surfaced. This time the severity is perceived to be more than the last time, as the school authority had called her parents and informed that she kept on crying and remembering her mother in the school. She would become alright after coming back home and would remain happy until night before going to bed when she would once again start having anxiety and would cry and ask her parents not to send her school.

Another kid that I had an opportunity to help him in the similar situation used to vomit in the school when he cried at his peak.

In my personal experience, when my son Aaryan had joined his pre-school, he also experienced separation anxiety which was more than average. Continue Reading →

Becoming Conscious About What You Absorb And What You Broadcast

This is known to all that you feel comfortable in presence of some people, and get edgy when some other people are around. There must be something coming from the people we encounter that might be affecting the way we feel. Or it is just the way we process the people and events around us that make us feel so! What do you believe?

There are many ways by which this phenomenon is explained by different schools of psychology.

Have you heard of having a Real Energy Field around you?

We all carry with ourselves our own unique Energy Field. This field reflects what’s going on inside us. Our thought content, thinking patterns and emotional state contribute in creating this energy field. This field not only affects the way we relate with the world around us and our body, it affects the actual world and people around us!

Initially, this concept did not resonate well with me. Thinking from the Newtonian Mechanics Perspective, I found this concept to be very non-scientific and irrational! Now I believe that it is the most scientific thing we can talk about. Continue Reading →

How could you help this little girl?

I thought of writing about this event to my blog for a quite a long time. Some how I lost touch with it. Today, suddenly this has popped in my mind. I decided to do the writing immediately as I don’t want to let this experience of mine go out of my awareness. I feel an urge to share it with my readers.

I remember that day very well

It was Tuesday afternoon. I was in my consulting room and  noticed that an appointment was booked for a little girl of 10 years old. I finished my regular mail checking and other administrative work in my office before she arrived for her consultation.

A little girl with her uncle

She was brought to me by her uncle as she was remaining sad and not communicating enough with her family members. She spent time alone and would talk only when it was extremely necessary for getting some work done. Her uncle also told me that she would gaze out of her bedroom’s window for a long. Sometimes she would cry for a long and was difficult to help at that time.

She wasn’t always like that. She had witnessed her parents dying in a vehicular accident. They were returning back home from a holiday break and met with an accident. She was the only survivor of that incidence.

Face to face with her Continue Reading →

How do you help those who do not want to be helped?

At first, it appears that what is the need to do so?

Le me explain to you by making my point clear.

I am talking about those people who are close to you, you see them in pain, you understand that thery are trapped in the pattern of destructive habits and are not aware about the same.

Some questions can arise at this moment…

How can you say that your conclusion is accurate that the person needs help? How can You say that you can help him or her?

Is there really a need to do so or let them find their own way?

Are you talking about advising those who do not want to take your advice?

I am talking about those people

who are independent in taking life’s most decisions and so are not used to take your help.

who believe that taking help is a weakness and so are not open to come out with their problems and continue to spend their lives in suffering and denying.

You want to help them because you love them! You are concerned about their pain and want to provide relief.

Yes, there is no intention to get name, fame or any benefit by helping them. You just want to help them because their benefit is your pleasure! Continue Reading →