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Thanks for stopping here. I warmly invite you to explore this site. Welcome to one of my places in WWW! I am hopeful that the time invested by you in these pages shall provide you some value in return. I will appreciate your genuine comments and feedbacks on the contents of these pages.

End of procrastination!

I have procrastinated enough! It has been many months since I first decided to post artciles! I think it is because I have always avoided expressing myself through writing. I had lots of difficulties in expressing myself in writing at school and college too. Now I am excited! I feel great as I am writing this first post for this blog. Wow! It feels wonderful!

What’s inside

I intend to lay before you, in this blog, insights I have gained during my journey of personal growth. Of course, it is still going on and will always go on till the last breath of my life. Let me tell you that I consider myself as a committed personal growth seeker. It is my passion and profession too (you can know more about me at the ‘About‘ page of this site). I now feel that I have learned many things during this journey and sharing them with others shall provide value to them. Please do not conclude here that I am perfect! Far from it! It has always been that I consider myself less than what I am capable of (I am working on this to feel more resourceful!). So, I do not make any claim here that i am perfect and I am teaching others through this site about personal development. I am just here to share my experinces and insights and expecting to provide value to others for enhancing their life. At the same time, I also intend to learn from you through your comments and feedbacks. I believe that internet, particularly blogging, provides a good  medium of exchange and learning through sharing.

I shall be using text, images, audios and videos also to convey my views. Although I am not a person from information technology field, I am committed to learn various web technologies to enhance the functionality of my web pages (I also have an another blog about technology for newbies and its applications for better life).

You are important for me

I respect you as my reader. You are the source of motivation for me. I am committed to make your visit to this place fruiful.

Why this name- Resourceful Life?

I believe strongly that we all have, inside us, the resources needed to make our life happy and fulfilling. Many of us are not aware about it and those who know do not know how to use them for improving our lives. I think it is because we have been conditioned since our childhood to think, feel and behave in certain ways. We remain inside the limits set by this condioning and fail to look beyond them. I shall be sharing in these pages vaious ways to look beyond the condioned limits and then how to stretch ourselves to go outside these borders and experience our life to its fullest possible state. Living resourceful life every moment! Yes, this is my mission of life- learning and sharing about resourceful living.

Thanks again

Once again thanks for stopping here and investing your time. I am committed to add content to this site regularly. However, as I am not a full-time blogger, have my private consulting practice as a psychiatrist and am also a commited father and a husband, there may be delays in updating this blog. Please do come back to see new posts and add your feedback. You can also subscirbe to my RSS feeds so that you will be informed about the articles as they are added to this place.

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