You Are Unique, And The World Needs You!

You are special and you have a special role to play in this world. You are unique and the world needs your uniqueness. Keeping it with you is selfishness. So let your uniqueness flow.

You might have learned not to express your uniqueness as you might have been told to follow others. You might have learned that your UNIQUENESS has no value as you see others doing better than you in some areas. But don’t confuse other people’s unique expression as a competition to your own creative and unique self-expression.

You have a special job to do in this world. You have a special place to live from in this world. You deserve that. No matter whatever you have convinced yourself with up to this point in life, this TRUTH remains that YOU are UNIQUE and your UNIQUENESS is required to be expressed for the benefit of this world.

Break those chains that are holding you from expressing your UNIQUENESS. Do not play small when you can hit big shots. No one benefits when you sabotage yourself – not you and not others. You don’t have a right to keep others from benefiting from the unique value that you can offer to them if you decide to commit yourself to it.

Look within, Connect with your uniqueness, Share what your heart has to say – the people who can benefit will gather automatically. It happens that way, but you won’t know until you do it.

You have come from the same source from where all great minds have come and went back. You have the same resources to access as others have. Start being yourself in the present moment and you change your future. Even the past you have experienced will be seen differently.

Take small steps but keep moving. You are unique my friend, and that’s the TRUTH.

What you believe right now about yourself and the world around you is what you have learned to believe. What you truly are is beyond your beliefs. It is the ultimate TRUTH.  You are a sacred soul who has come onto this planet to express its UNIQUENESS. Do not let the spirit inside you die while you LIVE here physically on this planet. Instead let yourself get inspired (in-spirit) and manifest your UNIQUENESS.

You might have been taught to follow others and walk in the footsteps laid down by others. But my dear friend, that path may not be for you where you live your full potential. It does not add value to this world. You are UNIQUE and your UNIQUENESS is required by others, that is the TRUTH (yes, I repeat!)

It is safe to play small. It is safe to walk on the paths others have already explored, but you miss the JOY that comes from crafting your own track.

Dr. Sudeep Shroff
Being Unique

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