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You Are Unique Because You Have Unique Set Of Problems

You are not being punished by having problems in your life. Instead you are being provided with unique life situations where you are most likely to find the treasures of your resourceful living.

You Are Unique - Your Problems Unique

Resourceful Life Audio – You Are Unique Because You Have Unique Problems


As you have unique strength and abilities, you also have your unique set of problems to face. They are specifically designed for you to learn from them and grow.

 This is not just a theory to say, it is the true in my experience!

  • How can you explain what has happened to this little girl? How can she make sense of her problems in her life, so that she finds meaning in them and live resourcefully?

No other way but to embrace your problems, find meanings in them, adapt by raising your consciousness, deal with them by learning new skills and GROW.

It’s also true in my opinion that you are always supported in the process of learning while facing your problems. Many of us may not see the support if we are trapped in the habit of complaining and feeling victimized.

Stop whining about your problems. It doesn’t help!

The problems in your life are as unique as your strength. You have a specific set of problems to encounter and look for unique learning opportunities that only you are having.

Do not feel sad by just looking at people and believing that the only one to suffer here is You! Or you have more problems in number and severity than others. No life can really not be unfair to only you!

I repeat-

You are unique not just because you have unique strength and abilities, but also because you have UNIQUE PROBLEMS to face in this life-time.

 We all have our own share of crisis, obstacles and challenges to meet. It’s not helpful for your resourceful living, to compare the amount of problems you have with what others are experiencing. It won’t help.

For the most, this results in overvaluing their own difficulties, undervaluing what others are going through, and feeling victimized.

So realize that you are unique not only due to your unique skills and abilities, but also due to your unique problems that Only You are going to encounter in this life-time.

To Your Resourceful Living,
Dr. Sudeep Shroff
Uniquely challenged

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